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5 Tips To Beat Procrastination

You wake up, you have a goal, a dream, a vision in your mind with the intention of working on your tasks for the day to get you closer to this goal. At 9.30am just as you sit down to do some work your phone rings, it’s your friend wanting a chat, meanwhile you’re in […]


Shanghai was the final stop before flying back to the UK. I’ve been to Hong Kong many times so felt like it would be similar and I did feel it was similar, however the language barrier was more obvious to me in Shanghai, and the driving – just make sure you are prepared for a […]

Why we break New Years Resolutions within 2 weeks

New year, New me we all say. We all know the feeling when it gets to the start of a new year and we ponder over all our regrets from the previous year then beat ourselves up about all the bad decisions we made and opportunities we didn’t take then think of heaps of things […]

A Gold Coast Christmas

Wow just wow. I never thought Australia would be for me to be honest but the Gold Coast has pleasantly surprised me. I have had no true desire to visit until my partner had work here and we decided to do some exploring. We drove from Hervey Bay, and yep I slept the whole journey- […]

5 Reasons To Practice Positivity

It’s definitely not easy to always think positively and keep control of your thoughts and emotions at challenging times in life. Some situations can only be seen as negative but it is important to try to learn from every situation and try to see a positive future moving forward. I have read so much over […]

Fraser Island

We drove to Fraser Island from Brisbane which took around 4 hours, then we got a 45 minute boat ride across to Kingfisher Bay where our hotel was. I felt really chilled out at the worlds largest sand island, which to be honest you have to be as the service in Australia I have noticed […]

Koalas and Kangaroos down under

We came to Brisbane from Hawaii for my boyfriends event and the first thing I noticed is that there are Flight Centres EVERYWHERE here! I mean how many do you need, it’s craaaaazyyyy, there is probably one every three minutes you walk. I thought everyone booked online these days? We stayed at the Marriott hotel […]

The best love story you ever heard

I want you to really think about the relationship you have with yourself and be totally honest. Do you love yourself? Let me take it one step back, do you even like yourself? If you could watch yourself in a movie what would you think of the person you see? Do you have self respect? […]

Hawaii Dreaming

It was a blessing being able to work from such a beautiful location this week on a stop from New York to Australia. We stayed in Honolulu Hawaii for 4 nights at the Four Seasons which is just amazing. The avocado toast was delishhh and I can honestly say the iced soy caramel and coconut […]

Personal Stylist Course London

New dates released for the Personal Styling Course London 2017. Train to become a Personal Stylist 18-20th January 2017 London, Westfield White City. Start the new year with a new you! Learn the sucess formula ’10 Steps to becoming a Supreme Stylist’ The course takes place at the Luxurious Fashion Lounge in Westfield White City. […]