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Understanding the power of past, present and future when speaking

PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE There is a simple speaking secret which will help anyone to negotiate successfully, resolve conflicts and broach difficult subjects with confidence. It’s as easy as understanding the power of: past, present and future. THREE TENSES OF SPEAKING In his brilliant book Winning Arguments the witty writer Jay Heinrich’s summarizes the three […]

Made in Chelsea style – Jamie Laing

I admit I have never seen Jamie Laing in the show Made In Chelsea but already had my preconceptions about him before the interview. I was aware that Jamie is heir to the McVitie’s fortune, and assumed that due to this wealth and fortune he would come across flashy when it came to talking shopping. […]

What the colours you wear say about you…The meaning of colour

Have you ever wondered what messages you are portraying through the colours you wear? Here is some interesting information on the meaning of colours. RED- The colour red activates your pituitary gland (gland at the base of the brain), increasing your heart rate and causing you to breathe more rapidly. This instinctive response makes red seem […]

Speech writing in style

Preparation is an important key to self-confidence. If you are asked by your boss, friend or Professor to make an impromptu speech and are denied this precious preparation time, presenting can be a nerve-racking experience. An unrehearsed speech has its advantages though: 1) spontaneity 2) that it forces you out of your comfort without giving […]

The Mind- Body language Connection

On the homepage, Casey quotes the body-language expert Professor Albert Mehrabian’s famous figures on how impressions are made. That is: 7% verbal, 38% vocal (your volume, speed of speech, pitch- everything that makes up your tone of voice) and 55% non verbal (facial expression and body language). Something which communicates 55% of meaning between you […]