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Understanding the power of past, present and future when speaking

PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE There is a simple speaking secret which will help anyone to negotiate successfully, resolve conflicts and broach difficult subjects with confidence. It’s as easy as understanding the power of: past, present and future. THREE TENSES OF SPEAKING In his brilliant book Winning Arguments the witty writer Jay Heinrich’s summarizes the three […]

Made in Chelsea style – Jamie Laing

I admit I have never seen Jamie Laing in the show Made In Chelsea but already had my preconceptions about him before the interview. I was aware that Jamie is heir to the McVitie’s fortune, and assumed that due to this wealth and fortune he would come across flashy when it came to talking shopping. […]

Speech writing in style

Preparation is an important key to self-confidence. If you are asked by your boss, friend or Professor to make an impromptu speech and are denied this precious preparation time, presenting can be a nerve-racking experience. An unrehearsed speech has its advantages though: 1) spontaneity 2) that it forces you out of your comfort without giving […]

The Mind- Body language Connection

On the homepage, Casey quotes the body-language expert Professor Albert Mehrabian’s famous figures on how impressions are made. That is: 7% verbal, 38% vocal (your volume, speed of speech, pitch- everything that makes up your tone of voice) and 55% non verbal (facial expression and body language). Something which communicates 55% of meaning between you […]