Dynasty London

The dilemma of knowing what to wear to a Sikh wedding! This became so much less daunting when I discovered the beautiful brand Dynasty. The dress is so glamourous and the attention to detail with this brand is something else. I didn’t expect it to be so comfortable but it really is… As long as I know my limits on the wedding cake to avoid the dreaded belly bloat!



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The Culotte Comeback

There is no escaping the culottes this season, they are everywhere! Culottes are available for any occasion in pretty much any high street shop and although I admit I used to hate these highly unflattering trousers, I have just about come around to accepting them… and now even wearing them.

Top- H&M

Culottes- H&M

Bag- Louis Vuitton

Shoes- Office

Photography www.andrewlunnphotography.com



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Wendy’s Lookbook- Interview with Wendy Nguyen




Wendy Nguyen has been listed as one of the worlds most influential Fashion Bloggers with her following and success growing daily. I admit I am a big fan, I follow her on Instagram with admiration. It was my mission while in LA to hunt her down for an interview on her success! We met at the quirky Ace Hotel in Downtown for a chat over the best pancakes I have ever tasted!

C: What job were you doing before blogging?

W: I was living in San Francisco working in finance and as much as I loved my clients I didn’t really like the job so one day I just left with no back up plan or idea what I wanted to do. I took a few months out to figure out what I wanted to do.

C: You started on YouTube before blogging didn’t you?

W: Yes, I knew I wanted to do something creative so took up acting classes, metal making and singing. I was working as a teacher at a juvenile detention centre and I still feel very close to the juvenile justice advocacy today. I loved acting the most and managed to get an agent and was auditioning but would get mildly frustrated that there was no feedback. I wanted to know what I was doing right and wrong but it was difficult to reflect with no feedback. My boyfriend at the time suggested I film myself on a YouTube channel so I can see myself on camera and evaluate. I spent a few weeks watching YouTube to figure out the voice of it and what videos were offered and I noticed the fashion side was under developed. There were a lot of outfit posts but no tutorials and fashion advice. I decided to film a concept called pairings where you take an outfit and show it worn in three different ways. My boyfriend filmed and edited it for me. We did a new video every week.

C: At what point did you realise you were becoming an influence and this could be the making of a career?

W: About 4-5 videos in we released a video called ’25 ways to wear a scarf’ and it went viral. It’s now had about 30 million views. I started a fashion blog twice a week and then we were offered a job with a YouTube network in LA so moved there in the summer of 2011.

C: What would a typical week in the life of Wendy involve?

W: Blogging 4 times a week, working on a show concept which is in pre production, three short films, and my own t shirt range. Also working with brands on campaigns.

C: Do you try to create different content across the YouTube and blogging platforms?

W: I have always been very clear that I want both pillars to be very different and offer unique content. It is rare that you will see me in the same outfit on YouTube and the blog. I want the viewer to get a different experience.

C: What are your favourite brands?

W: Marissa Webb, British brands such as Mulberry, Burberry, I like high street brands such as Topshop too.

C: What three items in your wardrobe could you not live without?

W: My cropped leather jacket that I take everywhere with me. I’m on the petite side so cropped work well for me. A structured blazer with strong shoulders that I added a leather lapel collar to that I love and nude pumps.

C: What would your top tips be for someone starting out in blogging?

W: Know your branding within 3-4 words, know who are, be authentic, invest in quality and take people on an interesting journey through telling your story.

Check out Wendy:

Instagram: Wendyslookbook, Twitter: @Wendynguyen, YouTube: Wendyslookbook


Coconut Sipping In Malibu

Drinking from a coconut on Malibu beach, so far removed from my everyday life! I highly recommend lunch at Paradise Cove but make sure you’re hungry as they serve the biggest salad I have seen in my life. Don’t forget to make a wish outside at the wishing well, a really cute feature there. Obviously a quick pose next to the Buick that matched my outfit was a must and as for my scribbles in the sand …. Live the life you love x

Shoes – Kurt Geiger

Sunglasses – Forever 21

Kimono – The Little Wardrobe

Bikini – Target

Shorts – Topshop

Top – Forever 21

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Greys Style With Mimi Melgaard

I recently had the pleasure of an interview with the extremely talented Mimi Melgaard, head costume designer at TV show Greys Anatomy. Not only is Mimi an inspiring costume designer but she also has the most amazing energy and it was an honour chatting with her. Here she talks Greys, black and boots!

C: I believe you started work at Greys Anatomy in season two, how did this opportunity arise?

M: I had worked with the executive producer Rob before on a David E Kelly show called Girls Club years before and when a job arose here he called me. The rest is history.

C: When you joined did you change any existing characters style from what the previous costumer had done?

M: The show was still new so I just developed them further. I had fun exploring the characters and working on them with the shows creator Shonda.

C: Had you watched the show before you started to work?

M: Yes I was a huge fan and thrilled to join the team!

C: What work were you doing before?

M: I had just finished a show called Commander In Chief and before that a show called American Dreams set in 1965. That was a hard show as we were dressing people in period clothes and matching with real clips from the TV show which was black and white.

C: How much freedom do you have when creating an image for cast members?

M: I work closely with Shonda to try to create what she wants in a character through their clothes to help build the characters style. Once we pick a character I work with my team of personal shoppers, seamstresses and costumers to help build or create the look I want.

C: Do you find yourself shopping for yourself out of work mode yet still finding things for a certain character?

M: It’s hard to get out of work mode as we work 10 months a year on the show so I’m constantly thinking about it.

C: What does a typical week involve?

M: Monday 7am arrival and get a new script to read and start having meetings with producers and writers to generate an overall feel for the episode. Then we start shopping for it. If stores aren’t open we shop online. Each character will then have a fitting and everything is altered even including the scrubs. We film the same time as I am working on the script ahead so I’m always one episode ahead and the on set costumers will be working on the set while I check up and ensure everything is looking how I want it to.

C: How would you describe your own personal style?

M: Simple, comfortable and mainly black! I can’t have itchy clothes. I like to mix feminine dresses with edgy boots. I like Zara, Helmut Lang and Chloe.

C: What’s your dress to impress outfit?

M: I like a black mini dress with boots. Depending on the occasion I can do a heel or a biker boot.

C: What’s the most expensive item you have bought for yourself?

M: Boots I really love boots! I especially like Fiorentini and Baker boots.

Follow Mimi on twitter @mimimelgaard









Greys Anatomy- Life as a costume designer

Last week I had the pleasure of working alongside the super talented Mimi Melgaard, head costume designer at TV show Greys Anatomy. Upon arrival at the ABC Prospect Studios I was greeted with a little buggy to transport us around the studios- so cool! This gave me an idea of the scale of the place. The studio spaces were huge, so much bigger than I would ever imagine with the costume department alone resembling a department store. Can you guess whose very blue clothing room is below?

It was an honour to get up close on set with the director Rob Corn watching the filming and editing; obviously I can’t tell you what happens as it’s not being aired for a few weeks yet, sorrrrrrry Greys fans. I’m also sorry to all you Patrick Dempsey fans that I got to snooze on his bed, it was so McDreamy!

Camilla Luddington who plays Jo Wilson and I discovered we born in the same hospital in Ascot, something you don’t expect to share with someone on the other side of the globe, very random.

Anyone who knows me well will know I love my food and little did I know I was in for a treat… Popcorn, cake, slush puppies, hotdogs, sushi, doughnuts, oh and this was just the snack room before main catering arrived.

A lot of pictures I took I can’t show as they were part of the storyline which hasn’t been aired yet but here are a few snaps. Look out for my blog later this week where I interview Mimi about her life as a Greys Anatomy costume designer.

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Me, myself and my yellow bike

When in LA a bike ride in Santa Monica along Venice beach is a must! I was like a big kid playing on the swings and riding around on my cool yellow bike! I really do love a lot of white in my wardrobe especially with a bit of a tan so wore a New Look white halter neck bikini with mesh detail on. The sunglasses aren’t my usual style but I like the fact they are different and suited the bikini style. I put it together with an H+M far eastern influenced monochrome number with such cute fringing. Unfortunately I didn’t see Arnie at Muscle Beach, he said he was busy but maybe we can train together next week 😉

Bikini- New Look

Sunglasses- H+M

Kimono- H+M

Flip Flops- New Look

Photography- Erm my friends iPhone had to do!


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Runyon Canyon Hike With Nike

My Runyon Canyon hike ( and yes I took the hard trail) was one of the best experiences in life, the views are unreal. I had a panic attack at the highest peak and totally freaked out for a few minutes when I slipped on a rock and saw the steep drop next to me, but once I started the descent I was ok again. I can’t wait to go back but maybe do the easy trail next time!

Top- Nike

Shorts- Forever 21

Trainers – Nike

Sunglasses- H&M

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The TV Land Awards LA

So I am writing this mid way through just experiencing my first LA earthquake, only a minor one the locals tell me but my god was it scary… I am alive to tell the story but a little shaky, please excuse the pun!

It was an honor working at the TV Land Awards held at the Saban Theatre in Beverly Hills on Saturday night. The night celebrated old shows such as The Wonder Years, Freaks and Geeks and Ally McBeal. I kept myself very composed or at least tried as I shared a table with Seth Rogan and Donny Osmond. As tempting as it was to ask Seth for a cheeky selfie, I refrained! Jennifer Hudson blew me away with her live performance of the Empire track, her energy is so overwhelming.

My best-dressed go to Paula Abdul, Marie Osmond, Danica McKellar, Calista Flockhart Seth Rogan and Jason Segel (who I barely recognised – he is looking amazing!)

I wore a Diva Dress and my Barry M makeup was supplied by www.shopforbeauty.co.uk – both are pictured throughout the blog:

Barry M Red Matte Nail Polish: This red was gorgeous, the coral in it just softening it a little.
Barry M Clear Hi-shine Top Coat: The top coat added a pretty shine over the matte colour.
Barry M Lip Stain Coral Paint: This gave me the bright, statement lip I was after for the awards.
Barry M Flawless Chisel Cheeks Contour Kit: The contouring kit was so good and it comes with little images to show you how to use it.

My favourite fashion from the celebrities plus the look I went for is below:


image image image image image image image image image image

Earn Your Stripes

When it comes to patterns, designers are taking a linear approach this season- stripes have dominated the runway. More is more, so mix and match those stripes where possible! I opted for this H&M skirt showing the sky high slit trend again, teamed with a simple blouse and trench coat but I will definitely be clashing those stripes more later in the season.

Hat – H&M

Blouse – H&M

Skirt – H&M

Shoes – Zara

Trench – New Look

Photography – www.andrewlunnphotography.com

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