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Hot showbiz couple Carley Stenson and Danny Mac talk fashion, style and dating!

I caught up with the gorgeous Carley Stenson and Danny Mac to talk fashion, style and beauty. With Carley having been an actress in Hollyoaks and now playing a lead role in Shrek the musical and Danny currently in Hollyoaks playing Mark Dodger, the heat is on them to look their best. Lets find out what it takes for them to look so damn good!


Casey: How would you describe your style?

Carley: My style is quite unpredictable, it depends how I feel on the day or what I’ve been inspired by. I love to feel classy and elegant but when I go out to party I like feeling trendy and funky possibly wearing a statement outfit.

Danny: Probably just laid back, relaxed and casual Is my preference. ‘Pub and town-wear!’

Casey: What are your favourite brands / shops?

Carley: I love “The Little Wardrobe” and “FD Avenue”  and I always pop into river Island and Zara! I do love little one off boutiques too and adore Camden!

Danny: The first shops I ALWAYS head to are AllSaints and Superdry – I’m big keen on Paul Smith, Diesel and Levi’s too, the rest of my wardrobe is probably made up of Topman, Zara and ASOS.

Casey: Who spends more time getting ready out of the two of you?

Carley: Danny definitely takes longer than me to get ready! No question ha!

Danny: Well…. If its just everyday-wear we’re about the same, or if it’s a smart (dressy) event then Carley ‘usually’ takes longer, however, for ‘smart / casual’ events Carls will almost definitely say me. This can be true, but normally because I never feel smart enough in t-shirts I’ve worn before and get bored of just shirt and jeans. So I try on everything under the sun until I get fed up and just chuck on the same thing I wear every time!

Casey: Do you go clothes shopping together?

Carley: We don’t really go shopping together as we live apart and have more quality time together when we see each other! We are both so impatient we probably couldn’t wait. When we have it’s a lot quicker for me haha! We both know our own style so well now. We are quite confident alone in our choices, but like the compliment both of us give and are happy to say which outfit we preferred.

Danny: Not really but that’s because we don’t get enough time together as it is. I wouldn’t mind it though as Carls is so chilled she would be an easy date.

Casey: Do you follow a strict fitness regime to keep your bodies in such good shape?

Carley: At the moment I work in Shrek the musical which involves some dancing so my fitness regime relies heavily on my work. When I leave Shrek I will be having a gym regime. Not so much for looking good but it’s the feeling good and energised that makes my day go better. That way I don’t feel guilty if I eat cake ha!

Danny: I try to gym and/or play footy a few times a week but if I don’t get a chance then I’ll watch what I eat. I don’t really do it to try and look better it’s more of an attempt to not get worse!

Casey: What are your ‘must have’ beauty and grooming products?

Carley: I must have a Jo Malone moisturiser now as since Danny bought me one two Christmas’s ago, I adore their smell – BEAUTIFUL! Moroccan oil is wonderful for the hair too.

Danny: I use Fudge for my hair which is great as my hair is so thick and it works all day without too much of it.

Casey: What is the most expensive item of clothing or jewellery you have ever bought?

Carley: I bought a cut out black smart jacket which was over £600 and had my 21st birthday dress designed for a similar price. They were special occasions and I’d much rather spend my money on my nieces and nephews now … Oh and Danny obviously tehe!

Danny: Probably my leather AllSaints jacket but I’ve had it years, I love it and I still wear it all the time.

Casey: Who are your style icons?

Carley: I don’t really have a style icon. There are so many pretty well dressed ladies out there! I always get clothes envy when festival season comes around and Fern Cotton rocks it. Me and Danny are attempting to go next time, so hopefully I can have go myself!

Danny: No one in particular I don’t think. Usually just people I see in the street that I think look cool. I’m a big fan of a good suit though and massively enjoyed Skyfall as Daniel Craig looked sharp as!

Casey: Do you have a dress for success or dress to impress particular outfit?

Carley: I don’t have a particular dress or outfit that stands out as my favourite but I feel most comfortable in a baggy off the shoulder jumper and nice leggings with funky boots. When I’m more comfy I’m more confident!

Danny: Not really I feel most confident when I’m just out in jeans, t-shirt and casual shirt really.

Casey: Any past fashion disasters you dare to share with us?

Carley: Oh dear I possibly have too many! Unfortunately being on tv from the age of 17 has not helped my back log of disastrous photos. There was definitely a time when I was experimenting. I like to pride myself on practically having no pride but a good sense of humour, so there are some crackers out there! I just didn’t care, still don’t to a degree as long as I like it or think it’s different!

Danny: Almost definitely but I think I’ve erased them from memory.

Casey: Do you have a favourite outfit or style you like each other in?

Carley: I love seeing Danny in anything! Ha aw! But when we get all wrapped up to go out and he’s wearing his boots with chinos big Cosy jumper and hat I think he looks cute and lovely.

Danny:  I’m a massive fan of Carls’ dressed down, although she looks an absolute knockout on the red carpet. She’s blessed with being a natural stunner and my favourite style on her is minimal make up, leggings/tight jeans and a baggy jumper or baggy jeans and tight top, or even just one of my shirts!

Casey: They say confidence is the key to the universe. Carley, how did Danny woo you when you first met, were there any cheesy chat up lines involved?

Carley: I really don’t know how Danny got a second date ha! He called me a different girls name and got really drunk! Ha ha but I don’t regret giving him a chance to redeem himself, he certainly did!


– Casey Paul

Miss England Alize Mounter talks fashion and style

I have recently had the pleasure of working with the current Miss England, Alize Mounter, while judging some of the heats for the Miss England 2012 contest. It is nearly time for the title to be passed over, so I caught up with the beauty to talk fashion and style and what the experience of being Miss England has meant to her.


CASEY: What are your favourite clothing brands? 

ALIZE: My favourite brands are Ted Baker, Gucci, Mulberry.

CASEY: Where do you usually shop?

ALIZE: Zara, Ted Baker, Reiss, and Topshop.  Although I love finding vintage one of pieces when I can, and have all sorts of one off labels in my wardrobe.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

ALIZE: The three Kates; Kate Middleton, Kate Moss and Kate Winslet!

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

ALIZE: My fashion style I would say is very classic although I do like mixing contemporary pieces with vintage classics. I like to mix it up especially when I am not being Miss England for the day and I love to experiment with new styles. I love shopping in high street stores like Zara, Ted Baker, Reiss, and Topshop, then adding a designer piece like a handbag to make the outfit unique! Writing this has definitely made me want to go shopping! Sometimes when I am tired of dressing up really girly I cannot wait to wear my converses, skinny jeans and black leather jacket. This is also my more ‘preppy’ kind of style which I enjoy wearing.

CASEY: What do you look for in a mans appearance?

ALIZE: I like a man to look pretty manly in a smart fashionable way. I like a tall muscular physique, a rugged look if you like!

CASEY: Do you have a dress to impress or dress for success outfit?

ALIZE: Since Miss England my wardrobe has expanded in colour. I never used to wear red at all, but I have realised over this year it really is a colour that suits me and always seems to impress. You can’t go wrong with an eye catching red dress to impress.

CASEY: Any past fashion disasters you dare to share with us?

ALIZE: There’s none that springs to mind in particular, I am sure there are a few, but I have always been so fashion conscious ever since I was really young. I am sure a few of my ‘experiments’ may have looked a little strange to some. Too much mixing is not always a good idea.

CASEY: Alize you are in incredible shape, do you follow a strict diet and gym regime to keep yourself looking your best?

ALIZE: I have to be honest I really don’t have time to follow a strict diet or regime, I am away travelling a lot and never get the time or even have the energy to train. I enjoy healthy food anyway, but life is too short, you have to enjoy food. I run a lot when I am home, and try my best to not eat too late – always start the day with a good breakfast and try not eat heavy carbs too late.Thats my best regime.

CASEY: What would you say has been the highlight of being Miss England?

ALIZE: There are so many highlights it really is difficult to choose one. I would say an overall highlight is the travelling; I have had the opportunity to go to so many different countries and once in a lifetime experiences. I have had the opportunity to swim with dolphins in Mauritius and go on a Safari in Kenya. I have witnessed the prime ministers question time at the house of commons and had lunch with a Lord. I have met many good friends from countries worldwide, learnt about different cultures and languages. I have witnessed poverty and suffering in Ghana and Kenya which really was an eye opener. All in all it has given me a great education and learning, with so many wonderful memories. 

CASEY: You are currently the 2011-2012 Miss England but your crown will soon be handed over, so whats next for you?

ALIZE: The world is my oyster I suppose. I am going back to university to finish my degree in Journalism and Drama. I will also continue modelling, with an ambition to become a successful writer and television presenter. I may even do a masters in acting. But I want to keep working with charities I have met this year, keep travelling as much as I can and try different things as life is too short not to.




The Only Way Is Essex Style – Ricky Rayment

The lovely Ricky Rayment from television show ‘The Only Way is Essex’ caught up with me to talk fashion, style and the future. After hearing from people about his ‘playboy’ antics, I was pleasantly suprised to be faced with such a polite gentleman with not a grain of arrogance.

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

RICKY: I don’t have a particular style, I just throw something on and look in the mirror to see if it looks ok. I just wear what I think will look good on me. I don’t follow brands either.

CASEY: Talk me through your outfit today, what brands are you wearing?

RICKY: I’m wearing an All Saints shirt, Diesel jeans, Prada belt and Hudson shoes.

CASEY: What shops are we likely to find you in when you are looking for clothes?

RICKY: As I said before, I don’t follow brands I just wear what I like but I guess I generally go to Hugo Boss, All Saints, Jack Wills, Zara and Topman.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

RICKY: Tom Ford, David Beckham and Ryan Reynolds.

CASEY: What is the most expensive piece of clothing or jewellery you have bought?

RICKY: My Tag Monaco watch is the most expensive thing I have bought, it was £4,500.

CASEY: Have you had any past fashion disasters that you dare to share with us?

RICKY: Yes, I went thorough a ghetto rude boy stage where I was wearing baggy tracksuits and that kind of stuff.

CASEY: Do you have a dress for success or dress to impress outfit?

RICKY: A grey Hugo Boss suit, you can’t go wrong with that.

CASEY: What do you look for in a woman’s appearance?

RICKY: I am not fussed, as long as she is happy and looks nice. I do like women in low back tops or dresses though, I like to see the back, I think that’s sexy.

CASEY: You are currently in the television show ‘The Only Way Is Essex’ but what does the future hold for Ricky Rayment?

RICKY: I always seem to mess up and get myself in trouble, so for now I am just going with the flow! There are endless possibilities but for now I am just enjoying it all.



Made in Chelsea style- Spencer Matthews

I caught up with the lovely Spencer Matthews from E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’  to talk fashion and style.

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

SPENCER: A balanced mix of smart and casual. I like to experiment with my style. You’re my stylist now so you can show me new ideas and brands.

CASEY: What brands are you wearing today?

SPENCER: Ralph Lauren t shirt and shirt, Ralph Lauren jeans, Patrick Mavros belt, Churches shoes.  My watch is Audemars Piguet. The jewellery I’m wearing is a black diamond ring, a chain bracelet from Steven Webster, skull bracelet from Nialaya and a Tiffany little finger ring.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

SPENCER: Tom Ford, David Gandy.

CASEY: What clothing shops are we most likely to find you in?

SPENCER: I wear a lot of Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen is my favourite though. I like to mix high street and designer so I do shop in places like Topman and Zara for basics like t shirts and then mix them with designer pieces.

CASEY: Have you had any past fashion disasters?

SPENCER: I nearly had one when a company offered me a onesie, I escaped that one though! Jamie Laing buying the same jacket as me was a fashion disaster.

CASEY: What do you look for in a womans appearance?

SPENCER: I really like that top you’re wearing and blond hair. On a serious note, I like petite girls and although all my previous girlfriends have been brunettes I might switch to blonds soon.

CASEY: Haha! Thanks Spence, my top is from my clothing brand The Little Wardrobe, www.thelittlewardrobe.co.uk. So, Spencer do you have a dress for success or a dress to impress outfit?

SPENCER: I like to wear suits, so any well cut suit with a near perfect shirt and tie combo is always a winner.

CASEY: What does the future hold for Spencer Matthews?

SPENCER: One can never know what the future holds but perhaps one day I may lose my shadow aka Jamie Laing! Apart from that I hope for prosperity.


Celebrity Big Brother’s Romeo talks fashion and style

I admit that when I was younger I had a major crush on Romeo. He doesn’t know it but he will now reading this! Little did I know, one day I would be dressing him in a fitting room…


CASEY – How would you describe your style?

ROMEO -I don’t really have a style I just wear what I feel comfy in. I dont really like shopping. I just wear what I think suits me. I’m not really fussy about brands, it doesn’t have to be designer as long as it looks good I’ll go with it.

CASEY:  What brands are you wearing today?

ROMEO: Reiss jumper, Money jeans, Adidas trainers, Ted baker coat.

CASEY: What shops are we most likely to find you in if you were out shopping?

ROMEO: None, I don’t like shopping! I do like Reiss and Zara though.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

ROMEO: I don’t really have any, I just wear what works for me.

CASEY: Do you have a dress to impress or a dress for success outfit?

ROMEO: To be honest I really don’t at the moment.  You are the stylist so you can help me find something.

CASEY: Any fashion disasters you dare to share with us?

ROMEO: I have had quite a few to be fair. That includes the one you bluntly pulled me up on earlier, the outfit that I wore out of the Big Brother house. I agree with you it wasn’t a good look. I have an excuse for that one though as I didn’t have many clothes in the Big Brother house or a stylist, so I just had to work with what I had. Now the heat is on you when you style me, so I should be ok from now on!

CASEY: The first thing I want to do  is get you into some slimmer fitting trousers and out of these baggy things you always wear! As we discussed, that Big Brother outfit you left the house in is never allowed to re appear!… Moving on from Big Brother, what’s next on the agenda for Romeo?

ROMEO: My new years resolution was to take a few more risks and chances. I just want to live life and be happy . Biz, biz, biz!


– Casey Paul


Made in Chelsea style – Jamie Laing

I admit I have never seen Jamie Laing in the show Made In Chelsea but already had my preconceptions about him before the interview. I was aware that Jamie is heir to the McVitie’s fortune, and assumed that due to this wealth and fortune he would come across flashy when it came to talking shopping. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jamie is one of the most endearing people I have met, also funny and completely open. I am officially now a fan!

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

JAMIE: My style is quite plain and simple really. I don’t like flashy bling or to stand out too much. I think I have quite a classic style and I like neutral colours.

CASEY: Talk us through the outfit you are wearing now?

JAMIE: My top is from Vince, Trousers Acne. My jewellery is a mixture including Thomas Sabo, Love Poppy, Jessie Western, Theo Fennell.

CASEY: What are your favourite brands / shops?

JAMIE: I don’t really like to shop in Topshop or high street stores like that. I don’t think the quality or fit is that great and I would rather spend a bit more and have it last longer. I love Acne and Vince at the moment. I especially like Acne’s new linen tops. I am really into fresh new brands. My boy Spencer Matthews just copies what everyone else is wearing, I’m not like that, I like wearing different brands. You can show me what’s hot Casey!

CASEY: Do you have any Past fashion disasters that you dare to share with us?

JAMIE: Ohhhhh yes when I was about 13 I went through a skateboarder stage and was wearing funny flared jeans. What was I thinking?

CASEY: What is your dress for success outfit?

JAMIE: Suits don’t match my personality so I would just wear what I feel comfy in. I have Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Tom Ford blazers but I feel better when I am more casual.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

JAMIE: Tom Ford, James Dean.

CASEY: Spencer Matthews said Tom Ford as well. I guess your going to say that’s him copying again!

JAMIE: See, that’s typical Spencer he just copies and you can tell him I said that. I love him though, he’s my boy.

CASEY: What attracts you to a woman?

JAMIE: I like a woman who dresses well and looks after her appearance. I also like her to show an interest in my appearance. She has to be able to have a laugh

Mens Fitness cover model David Peters talks style and fashion

I am lucky enough to say I have known the lovely David Peters for many years.

I recall a conversation I had with a modest teenager who was contemplating taking up modelling part time in order to earn a little extra cash on the side of his professional golf career. This apprehensive youngster, is now all grown up with such a constant flow of modelling work, that he almost managed to convince me he was too busy to do this interview…. Almost!

Introducing Mr David Peters, Mens Fitness Magazine cover model.

Ladies and gentleman, its time to take notes as David talks fashion, flirting, food and fitness and just what it takes to be a cover model…

CASEY: What qualities do you look for in a woman?

DAVID: I’m not going to lie of course initially its based on appearance. Your not going to look across the bar and wonder if a girl has a nice personality. But once you start talking to a girl their personality can make them either more attractive or less attractive.  I go for women with confidence and they have to have a sense of humour because at the end of the day there’s nothing worse than a bore that you can’t have a laugh with.

CASEY: What do you look for in a woman’s appearance?

DAVID: Personally I don’t like a girl who dresses up all the time and looks like she’s tried too hard. I don’t want her to feel she’s always got to impress, I want her to feel comfy in what she’s wearing. For example once I went to the cinema with a girl and it looked like she was dressed up for a night out and I felt uncomfortable. I like a girl with her own style who doesn’t  follow the crowd, she just wears what she wants to wear.

CASEY: You are currently single, so what would be a typical date for you?

DAVID: Dinner of course, I’m a gentleman! Does this mean we can start talking about food now that you mention dinner?

CASEY:  Not just yet. Typical chat up line?

DAVID: I’m not trying to chat you up!

CASEY: It’s a question! What’s your typical chat up line you use on women?

DAVID: Oh! Ha ha. I honestly don’t use them, its not me. I just chat and ask them for their number if I like someone. There are no cheesy chat up lines needed.

CASEY: Time to talk food. What would you eat in a typical day?

DAVID: Bran flakes or porridge for breakfast, then scrambled eggs mid morning or a protein shake. For lunch a salad or sandwich on brown bread, never in a million years would I eat white bread. Protein in the afternoon for example a bowl of tuna with wholegrain pasta.  Then I’d have a workout if I’m free,  and afterwards a low carbohydrate dinner for example chicken and vegetables.

CASEY: Any guilty pleasures?

DAVID: Yeah of course, I give myself treats sometimes. I love chocolate, ice cream and Chinese food. My diet is generally really healthy so I let myself eat food like that occasionally. I just have to pay for it the next day and work harder in the gym.

CASEY: How do you keep your body in that perfect shape? You must surely follow a strict regime?

DAVID: I believe its mainly to do with what you eat. I have a clean diet and I think most people tend to over eat. I look after myself, I don’t smoke and only drink alcohol once a month and drink lots of water.

CASEY: Surely it can’t be that easy, you must spend every day in the gym!

DAVID: No, I go about four to five times a week for about an hour and a half. My workouts are non stop though. Some people say they go to the gym and then there’s people who work hard in the gym. It’s not a social, I go to the gym to train, I don’t mess about and I train intensely for that hour. People don’t know how to train properly. I see guys pick up weights and do a set, put the weight down and rest for five minutes before picking it up again. This isn’t the way to get maximum results. I literally leave ten to twenty seconds between each set so its physically harder. I don’t do much cardiovascular work due to the fact my weight sessions can get me better results and keep me leaner.

CASEY: What was your last modelling job?

DAVID: I was on television for ‘This Morning’ for a style and beauty segment, the last one was frost free fashion. I do quite a bit of modelling for the show, its really good fun.

CASEY: What has been your best modelling job so far?

DAVID: For pure experience and achievement is the Men’s Fitness cover but I also love jobs where I get to travel like the job for a Mizuno running campaign in Switzerland for their Autumn / Winter collection 2011.

CASEY: Lets talk fashion. How would you describe your style?

DAVID: My style is boring. I need another personal shopping trip with you! I could do with some new style advice because I think I play it too safe and don’t experiment much. I do like simplicity though, I don’t feel the need to attract attention from what I wear. You’re most likely to find me in Zara buying simple pieces.

CASEY: Do you have a style icon?

DAVID: I don’t really have one but from time to time I get ideas from different celebrities and admire their confidence to wear some things that they do.

CASEY: Are there any looks that you dislike?

DAVID: I hate trousers tucked into high tops and that whole look. I really don’t like that, it looks too try hard.  If anyone tried to style me like that, I would have none of it. Timberland boots are another thing I have always hated. They are terrible. They are never ever going to be cool.  I don’t like clothes with big labels on either or really colourful clothes with patterns.

CASEY: I had you down as a pretty boy type, would you agree with this?

DAVID: I’m not like that. Joey Essex is a clean cut pretty boy, that type. I’d never class myself as a pretty boy and if I did my dad would give me a slap.

CASEY: Are there any past fashion disasters you dare to share with us?

DAVID: I haven’t had a disaster because I always play it safe. There’s been a few outfits that I wouldn’t wear now but at the time it seemed alright.

CASEY: Do you have a dress for success special outfit?

DAVID: I go to castings plain. You are trying to sell yourself not clothes. If you go to castings you don’t want to dress too fashionably because they may not like that style and this may influence their judgement on you.

CASEY: You have been on the front cover of Mens Fitness Magazine, something most men could only dream of. What would you like to achieve next?

DAVID: I haven’t set new goals yet. My last one I joked about with my mates was to be on the cover of a men’s fitness magazine so now that’s been accomplished I need to set some new ones. For now I’m happy with where I am.

– Casey Paul