Made in Chelsea style- Spencer Matthews

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I caught up with the lovely Spencer Matthews from E4’s ‘Made in Chelsea’  to talk fashion and style.

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

SPENCER: A balanced mix of smart and casual. I like to experiment with my style. You’re my stylist now so you can show me new ideas and brands.

CASEY: What brands are you wearing today?

SPENCER: Ralph Lauren t shirt and shirt, Ralph Lauren jeans, Patrick Mavros belt, Churches shoes.  My watch is Audemars Piguet. The jewellery I’m wearing is a black diamond ring, a chain bracelet from Steven Webster, skull bracelet from Nialaya and a Tiffany little finger ring.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

SPENCER: Tom Ford, David Gandy.

CASEY: What clothing shops are we most likely to find you in?

SPENCER: I wear a lot of Ralph Lauren, Alexander McQueen is my favourite though. I like to mix high street and designer so I do shop in places like Topman and Zara for basics like t shirts and then mix them with designer pieces.

CASEY: Have you had any past fashion disasters?

SPENCER: I nearly had one when a company offered me a onesie, I escaped that one though! Jamie Laing buying the same jacket as me was a fashion disaster.

CASEY: What do you look for in a womans appearance?

SPENCER: I really like that top you’re wearing and blond hair. On a serious note, I like petite girls and although all my previous girlfriends have been brunettes I might switch to blonds soon.

CASEY: Haha! Thanks Spence, my top is from my clothing brand The Little Wardrobe, So, Spencer do you have a dress for success or a dress to impress outfit?

SPENCER: I like to wear suits, so any well cut suit with a near perfect shirt and tie combo is always a winner.

CASEY: What does the future hold for Spencer Matthews?

SPENCER: One can never know what the future holds but perhaps one day I may lose my shadow aka Jamie Laing! Apart from that I hope for prosperity.


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