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So it has been a while since I last blogged and to be honest I have been so focused on my main goal I set at the beginning of this year which was to create an online training programme for my Personal Styling ‘Supreme Stylist’ Academy which is sooooo nearly finished and grow my live academy that I have neglected my blogging.

I am so grateful that the live academy which I hold in London has been such a success and I have seen hundreds of amazing students come through the academy, many of which I am in regular contact with and I can now call friends. Watching their growth is something so rewarding and it’s exciting watching the Supreme Stylist community grow and it really never feels like work as I enjoy it so much. I also got into a new relationship a year ago and this has also been a focus for me alongside business, I wanted to be the best partner I could be. You are probably sat there reading thinking this is all super positive stuff isn’t it so what’s the problem here?

I got to a point where I realised I was totally forgetting to look after myself and take pride in my appearance and health. My partner and I travel a lot which has been an absolute blessing for me, however with being away so much for long periods it definitely becomes more difficult to have a routine and living out of a suitcase can make you have less respect for your clothes and appearance. I am such a foodie so will tend to just eat what I want when I want with no eating regime.

I attended a Tony Robbins ’Unleash the Power’ event in Los Angeles and this was a turning point for me. It made me realise how far away I was from where I wanted to be and that my standard for myself had massively slipped. How can I expect my standards to be high for everyone else around me if my standard for myself was so low. Don’t get me wrong, my standard for working and growing my business was high but I needed more balance.

Here are some of the things that I was noticing over the past year:

  • My energy levels were really inconsistent – massive highs then followed by literally low energy to the point I was falling asleep in the day. Honestly, no joke- my boyfriend even put a picture up of me asleep in the car the first time he took me to Miami to show me the sights. I realised this was a regular occurrence for me.
  • I would get quite a lot of pangs of anxiety out of nowhere which were getting more frequent and they would come for no reason and when they did come I would struggle to be around people.
  • Another thing I noticed was that my skin was a lot worse than it had ever been and I kept getting spotty outbreaks and it just looked dull and tired all the time.
  • Cellulite was the next thing that I was noticing had made an appearance – ladies you can hear me on this right? It gets to an age where it’s harder to keep the body toned and your body feels looser and more lumpy.
  • I always felt achy and lethargic
  • I also had a niggling little mole by my chin that I noticed was getting bigger in the sun and when on camera filming my personal styling courses I kept noticing it and didn’t like it.  Another thing I noticed when on camera was that my teeth were really over crowded and this was something that put me off being filmed. I have had braces twice over in my life but the stubborn teeth keep wanting to move back.

So what did I do? I certainly wasn’t going to be that person that preaches to my students to take responsibility, give up the excuses and blame then not do that myself. I needed to eat my own pie! I didn’t want to look back in 5 years time burnt out, anxious and not feeling confident that I had looked after my body.


The first thing I did was cut out caffeine and so far I haven’t had any caffeine for 3 months and I have hugely noticed my anxiety levels drop and I am not getting the massive highs and lows I was getting during the day after drinking lattes. I also cut out all alcohol at the same time as the caffeine. I have never been a drinker so this was pretty easy for me.

The next thing I did was hire a personal trainer / nutrition coach who has opened my eyes to quite how bad my diet was. I love white bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, potatoes, cheese – not the healthy stuff. Also it made me realise how I would feast then famine a lot especially when travelling and this was a huge reason for my energy levels being so inconsistent. I thought that going to the gym and eating salads was the answer but it’s not! I now have a proper eating regime which yes takes more planning and eating more consistently but is so much more healthy. My training in the gym to a proper workout not just guess work showed me just how bad my posture and mobility is so I am working on that now before lifting heavy weights. I realise there is no quick fix for this.

I then worked on my skin and started a regime which I now follow daily. I used to skip moisturiser on my face and never used an eye cream. I basically had no care for my skin at all- terrible I know. I have now started using a Dermalogica kit and my skin feels the best it has in a long time! I now cleanse, tone, moisturise and use an eye cream then scrub four times a week. As for the legs and my cellulite I have started to body brush every day without fail using upward strokes on my legs and bum, I also feel like the cutting out caffeine and alcohol helps with cellulite so we’ll see.

Lets get to the mole, it had to go… bye bye moley! I booked into Shades clinic and got it removed by probably one of the nicest ladies I have met in long time, so nice I was trying to find another one just so she could remove it (ok so that was a joke but seriously, it goes to show how people buy people and I liked her so much if she had offered me some products I would have bought them!). It was a very quick easy process and now I wonder why I left it so long. In fact the clinic staff were all so nice and went the extra mile with customer service that I am getting my teeth straightened with invisalign too at the same place this summer.

Lastly, I discovered the ‘angel juicer’ and it has changed my morning routine for the best! I now wake up and the first thing I do instead of grabbing a tea is go and make a vegetable cold pressed juice to start my day right and it sets me up with the right fuel early on in the day. Surprisingly it is really yummy too. I can give the ingredients I use if anyone wants to try it.

All in all I think you can see that I have taken lots of positive action the past few months for the best. Instead of wishing things were different and dreaming of having more energy or a body I didn’t want to hide, I have changed my habits and become disciplined. I have applied the same discipline to my health and body as I was doing career wise. I now have simple disciplines practiced every day, and it was easy once I turned my shoulds into musts and I have realised its easy to have balance if you are more organised. The reasons I gave at the beginning were just excuses- the reality was that I was just being lazy and neglectful.

I invite you to think about where you are not showing yourself enough love and to take action. It is not going to be a quick process for things like gaining muscle and getting rid of cellulite but making changes and changing your daily habits will get you on the right path.

It is exactly the same thing I tell my students: take responsibility, take action. If you’re not happy with your relationship, seek out some help, read some relationship articles and books and try to change the way you are first before making rash decisions and blaming your partner. If you’re unhappy in a career, start thinking of other careers, try to figure out what your passions are and see if you could make a career out of them. If you’re anything like I was before I was a Personal Stylist working in the law firm you will know what I mean when I say being successful but un fulfilled in a career is the ultimate failure and feels crap. Making people feel amazing about themselves through teaching them new ways of dressing as a Personal Stylist truly is a dream career so if this is something you are interested in then hit reply with any questions you have. If you are unhappy with your body, hire a personal trainer, go online, or buy a book to help you get a nutrition and workout programme together. There really are no excuses.

What actions are you going to take today to make a better tomorrow for yourself?


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  1. Ingrid
    Ingrid says:

    Loved your process and how you did it step by step. And why! Your advice and honesty was totally spot on. I feel encouraged. Just what I needed. Thanks for helping me gain some clarity Casey! Your rock ❤️💋


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