Celebrity Big Brother’s Romeo talks fashion and style

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I admit that when I was younger I had a major crush on Romeo. He doesn’t know it but he will now reading this! Little did I know, one day I would be dressing him in a fitting room…


CASEY – How would you describe your style?

ROMEO -I don’t really have a style I just wear what I feel comfy in. I dont really like shopping. I just wear what I think suits me. I’m not really fussy about brands, it doesn’t have to be designer as long as it looks good I’ll go with it.

CASEY:  What brands are you wearing today?

ROMEO: Reiss jumper, Money jeans, Adidas trainers, Ted baker coat.

CASEY: What shops are we most likely to find you in if you were out shopping?

ROMEO: None, I don’t like shopping! I do like Reiss and Zara though.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

ROMEO: I don’t really have any, I just wear what works for me.

CASEY: Do you have a dress to impress or a dress for success outfit?

ROMEO: To be honest I really don’t at the moment.  You are the stylist so you can help me find something.

CASEY: Any fashion disasters you dare to share with us?

ROMEO: I have had quite a few to be fair. That includes the one you bluntly pulled me up on earlier, the outfit that I wore out of the Big Brother house. I agree with you it wasn’t a good look. I have an excuse for that one though as I didn’t have many clothes in the Big Brother house or a stylist, so I just had to work with what I had. Now the heat is on you when you style me, so I should be ok from now on!

CASEY: The first thing I want to do  is get you into some slimmer fitting trousers and out of these baggy things you always wear! As we discussed, that Big Brother outfit you left the house in is never allowed to re appear!… Moving on from Big Brother, what’s next on the agenda for Romeo?

ROMEO: My new years resolution was to take a few more risks and chances. I just want to live life and be happy . Biz, biz, biz!


– Casey Paul


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