Made in Chelsea style – Jamie Laing

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I admit I have never seen Jamie Laing in the show Made In Chelsea but already had my preconceptions about him before the interview. I was aware that Jamie is heir to the McVitie’s fortune, and assumed that due to this wealth and fortune he would come across flashy when it came to talking shopping. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Jamie is one of the most endearing people I have met, also funny and completely open. I am officially now a fan!

CASEY: How would you describe your style?

JAMIE: My style is quite plain and simple really. I don’t like flashy bling or to stand out too much. I think I have quite a classic style and I like neutral colours.

CASEY: Talk us through the outfit you are wearing now?

JAMIE: My top is from Vince, Trousers Acne. My jewellery is a mixture including Thomas Sabo, Love Poppy, Jessie Western, Theo Fennell.

CASEY: What are your favourite brands / shops?

JAMIE: I don’t really like to shop in Topshop or high street stores like that. I don’t think the quality or fit is that great and I would rather spend a bit more and have it last longer. I love Acne and Vince at the moment. I especially like Acne’s new linen tops. I am really into fresh new brands. My boy Spencer Matthews just copies what everyone else is wearing, I’m not like that, I like wearing different brands. You can show me what’s hot Casey!

CASEY: Do you have any Past fashion disasters that you dare to share with us?

JAMIE: Ohhhhh yes when I was about 13 I went through a skateboarder stage and was wearing funny flared jeans. What was I thinking?

CASEY: What is your dress for success outfit?

JAMIE: Suits don’t match my personality so I would just wear what I feel comfy in. I have Ralph Lauren, Burberry and Tom Ford blazers but I feel better when I am more casual.

CASEY: Who are your style icons?

JAMIE: Tom Ford, James Dean.

CASEY: Spencer Matthews said Tom Ford as well. I guess your going to say that’s him copying again!

JAMIE: See, that’s typical Spencer he just copies and you can tell him I said that. I love him though, he’s my boy.

CASEY: What attracts you to a woman?

JAMIE: I like a woman who dresses well and looks after her appearance. I also like her to show an interest in my appearance. She has to be able to have a laugh