Dominican DEA Retreat

We flew to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic  from Miami for my boyfriends Black DEA retreat and I loved Punta Cana so much more than I thought I would! I have been there before but this time I found the resort so much more beautiful – the beaches were probably the best I have ever seen – turquoise water and white sand, literally dream beaches.

We stayed at the Paradisus Melia hotel which was huge and had pretty flamingos in the reception area! I attended seminars and learnt lots of things I will put into action in my own Personal Styling business and met some amazing new people. I’m obviously biased but I am super proud of what he has created with his company and it is so inspiring being around his team and watching their growth and vision.

We learnt to make coffee, mamajuana and chocolate which was a super fun day out and seeing the way people live outside of the resort was a real eye opener. I literally wanted to take one of the children home with me that we saw begging for money with his sister – this really makes you realise how fortunate we are and not to take the little things for granted.

My favourite day was the catamaran trip – although the night I can’t say I remember too well as we had one too many rums in the day. I am having a few months away from alcohol as I want to try and keep my body as toxin free as possible.

We flew back to Miami for some more time which still is my new favourite place. I saw dolphins on our boat trip around star island and get just as excited every time! Next stop is San Diego for the Traffic and Conversion Summit- more learning which I LOVE.


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