Koalas and Kangaroos down under

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We came to Brisbane from Hawaii for my boyfriends event and the first thing I noticed is that there are Flight Centres EVERYWHERE here! I mean how many do you need, it’s craaaaazyyyy, there is probably one every three minutes you walk. I thought everyone booked online these days?

We stayed at the Marriott hotel where he was holding his event which had some really nice views and a rooftop workspace where I did most of my work. The fish restaurant we went to called Jellyfish had French martinis which were probably a bit too nice but I still managed to get my bum out of bed and down to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary today. It wouldn’t feel right to come to Australia and not see the native animals. I had the best cuddles with the koalas, they’re so so cute, in fact I would love to kidnap one as a snuggle buddy when my boyfriend isn’t around. I was shocked at how close I could get to the kangaroos as they just roam around freely and are really calm and friendly until they need to pooh, now that’s a different story … I’ll leave that one there!

Tomorrow we are off to Fraser Island which I am too excited about. I will be posting up piccies soon. Thanks for reading.


Instagram: @caseypaul_styling

Hotel: Marriott

Restaurants: Jellyfish , Cook and Co



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