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On 27th October 12-3pm join celebrity stylist Casey Paul for an afternoon talking fashion while eating yummy cake in the luxury Westfield Fashion Lounge, White City, London!

Casey will talk you through her career as a Personal Stylist and Fashion Stylist and tips to get you to the top of the industry. You will come away from the afternoon with a clear insight into:

– Why Personal Styling is more in demand now than ever before

– The difference between Personal Styling and Fashion Styling

– The qualities you need to make it as a successful stylist

– First impressions and their impact

– The different services you will offer as a Personal Stylist

– The qualities you need to become a successful Personal Stylist

– Colour Analysis and Body Shape Analysis overview

– The 10 steps to becoming a profitable Personal Stylist

– Setting up a Personal Styling Business and what to charge

– 5 bonus tips to get to the top of the Personal Styling Ladder


Casey Paul Styling Academy


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