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Personal Stylist Course London

New dates released for the Personal Styling Course London 2017.

Train to become a Personal Stylist 18-20th January 2017 London, Westfield White City.

Start the new year with a new you! Learn the sucess formula ’10 Steps to becoming a Supreme Stylist’

The course takes place at the Luxurious Fashion Lounge in Westfield White City.

This course is designed for YOU if you are looking for a career change into your own business with FREEDOM to work around your own schedule, with huge MONETARY REWARD and FULFILMENT in a job with PURPOSE that changes peoples lives. You will learn how to dress yourself to become the most supreme version of yourself and how to do this for others and make a living out of doing something you love.

Days 1 and 2:

  • Introduction to style
  • Setting up your own Personal Styling Business and how to get clients
  • The meaning of colour
  • The seasonal theory of colour analysis
  • How to determine a clients seasonal colour palette
  • Body Shape analysis and how to determine a clients body shape
  • How to best dress for each body shape
  • Face shape analysis and how to determine a clients face shape
  • Hairstyles, glasses and jewellery to suit each face shape
  • How to conduct a personal styling client questionnaire
  • How to conduct a wardrobe analysis and detox
  • How to prepare for and carry out a personal shopping trip
  • Exercises across the 2 days to test what you have learnt on colour, body and face shape

Day 3:

  • Client case studies and exercises at Westfield mall to be tested on what you have learnt in training.

Notes: You will be given a certificate on successful completion of the course and will keep your comprehensive style bible for use with your clients that contains all the information taught on the course.

COST: £399

I’m so looking forward to working with you! Email for further info.


Are you a Disney Princess?

Are you a Disney Princess?

What do all Disney Princesses have in common? They wear pretty dresses, have an incredible hourglass body shape and big eyes. 

Nope, not anymore! From a Personal Stylist point of view it is encouraging to see Disney are evolving with the times with their latest movie characters body shape. In their new release Moana has an athletic physique, not your usual curvaceous unrealistic body shape. Moana is supposed to be the same age as Ariel and Jasmine, but their body shapes couldn’t be more different.

Reading this, you probably think I’m going somewhere with the body shape angle right? Let me tell you, this is not a styling blog. We have just seen proof with Moana that Disney Princesses come in all shapes and sizes so we can all look like one. So what is it I am getting at? What is the ONE attribute they all have?

This is a mindset blog. They all dream big, they believe. The Disney song ‘If you can dream’ is  sung from the Disney Princess point of view of the first 8 official Disney Princesses. Originally in all the Disney movies the Princesses missions were to find their Prince Charming, however in the latest Moana Disney movie the Princess Moana doesn’t have a love interest at all, a refreshing update on the typical Disney princess. Her mission is to save her people and the world. 

Do you believe? Really believe and dream big, not letting anything or anyone stand in your way so you can reach your goals, achieve your mission like Moana?

Are you determined to make your ideas work for you? Or are you searching for reasons why these ideas won’t succeed instead of figuring out a way to make something good happen?

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones are determined to reach their goals rather than playing the role of the victim and searching for reasons why a situation won’t work. I was always believing I could succeed in my goals, even when other stylists had been out there longer, with higher profile clients. Don’t get me wrong, I had moments of doubt, I still do, but my dreams always outweigh my fear in the mind battle.

Two quotes I love to illustrate this are: ‘Whether you think you can or can’t you are right’ – Henry Ford and ‘What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve – Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich.

Do you expect to fail or succeed? You get what you expect. Scientific studies show that we respond to what the brain expects to happen. I will leave you with this fact to get you thinking. Medical researchers in Texas did operations on two groups of patients, only one group was given the surgery and the other a pretend surgery. Two years later both groups of patients reported equal pain relief. The brain expected improvement and this is an example of a placebo effect.

As I explained in last weeks blog, decide what you want and believe it, the brain will do the figuring out how. It is not what you don’t know that holds you back; It’s what you do know that isn’t true. Lets be more Disney Princess, Dream big and Believe.



It seems so obvious right, to get the things you want out of life you need to know what you want. Most people don’t even know what they want, so how are they meant to get it if they aren’t clear on what it even is they want.

I’m asking you to think about what you want to do, what you want to be and what do you want to have?

Too often I hear ‘I should’, ‘ I was told I’d better’ and we end up dismissing our true desires. It stems from childhood when people put in boundaries for example:

  • Don’t touch that
  • Stop shouting
  • You don’t really want that
  • Try this instead

Too many of us have stayed stuck trying to figure out what other people wanted for us and not really what we want.

  • Get married to please the mother
  • Go to university because dad wanted it
  • Get a ‘real job’ instead of pursuing the dream

Not being clear about what you want and making other peoples needs and desires more important than yours is simply a habit. Habits can be changed.

Try writing a list of things you want. You will start writing the material things you want, the places you want to visit but give it time and as the list goes on the more meaningful things come out. What us humans really want is fulfilment, to be making a difference, to be healthy and loved.

A career as a Personal Stylist is super fulfilling and I hope that it is something you are passionate about. Too many people feel like it’s impossible to make a living out of things they love doing. Well I’m here to tell you that if you love making a difference, shopping, clothes and talking to people then you can make a lot of money doing what you love in this field!

The process of getting what you want is like a GPS technology in the car or phone. For the system to work it needs to know where you are and where you want to go. The navigation system plots a perfect course for you and all you have to do is follow the instructions. Success in life works the same way. Once you are super clear about what you want and keep your mind constantly focused on it, the how will keep showing up. Keep your vision clear and through affirmations, goal setting and visualisation you will start to notice you are getting closer to your dreams. I will be posting out some tools you can use around this topic to help you with all of this. What I can’t do though is tell you what you want, only you can decide that.

If you don’t already know what you want then I challenge you to stop drifting and have a think about what YOU really want. Write down:

  • How does your perfect week look
  • How do you want to feel everyday
  • What activities make you happy
  • What do you want to see when you look at yourself in 5 years time

Life isn’t a dress rehearsal and you deserve to be happy. Just decide what it is that makes you passionate, excited and fulfilled, ignore anyone who tries to dim that shine of yours and lets get you to your dreams for 2017! It is all about baby steps and the first step in getting what you want is deciding what you want! Sooooo, tell me what you want, what you really, really want?



Blame is something we all do, and it can often feel like everything is someone or something else’s fault. Think about the amount of times you look for every reason outside of yourself as the reason things aren’t working out. It’s like searching for your mobile phone in the restaurant you just left when you know its in your back pocket.

I want to tell you that YOU are responsible for the results you are seeing in your life and you can choose to see the cup as half empty or half full.

I recently watched a TED talk with Isaak Lidsky ‘What reality are you creating for yourself’ and I highly recommend you watching it. He is a blind man who in his introspective, personal talk, challenges us to let go of excuses, assumptions and fears, and accept the awesome responsibility of being the creators of our own reality. He has a family, is a successful business man and public speaker – if he can do it we all can.

I have had to learn to take full responsibility for my life, and trust me at times it’s not easy. If I can blame something outside of myself then it takes the pressure off me and I always have an excuse for why things haven’t gone to plan. Excuses became my habit. I soon realised that if I wanted to start seeing some serious results then I would have to stop these excuses and start looking within myself. It was only by acknowledging that I had created everything up until now that I could take charge of creating the future I wanted.

You are in control of your own life! It seems quite daunting at first, but when you realise that you create your own reality, you realise that you can change things you don’t like and create the outcomes you want.

Here are some of my old excuses when I was starting out as a Personal Stylist:

  • I am on a budget and won’t be able to buy the clothes I want to wear so won’t look like a stylist
  • I studied law at uni not fashion so everyone will know more than me
  • I am older than loads of other stylists out there who have had a head start
  • I don’t know anyone in the industry so where do I start
  • I don’t have a big budget so my website wont look as good as other stylists


I realised if I wanted something I didn’t have I would have to do things I had never done… now it’s your turn.

In Jack Canfields book ‘How to get from where you are to where you want to be’ he explains a formula for understanding this concept further:

E + O = R


1.You can blame the E for your outcome.

2. You can instead simply change your R’s to the E’s until you get the O’s you want.

Give up the blame, give up complaining. Complaining about things just means you think there is something better and you know you would prefer it but you are unwilling to take the risks required to create it. Complaining is an ineffective response to an event that doesn’t produce a better outcome!

I want you to start paying attention to the results in your life and work and notice where things aren’t working and change them until they do work. Ask for help where you need it and remember you are not alone in this journey. It is your choice whether you choose to use the tools and ask the questions you need to ask. You want to be a Personal Stylist and you CAN and WILL get there if you want it. I will give you an example. 

Student A+B want to get more clients and in turn money! Student A goes to a press event and posts up pictures, talks to the brand pr team and out of it gets recognised as a busy in the know Personal Stylist, not to mention the free gift Student A gets. Student A also posts out videos and information to her audience on Colour Analysis and other free info and free consultations to get people interested in her new business and out of 10 free consultations by phone 2 people book up a paid Wardrobe Detox Service from you. Student B procrastinates, makes excuses, self doubts and blames everything outside of themselves then wonders why they aren’t making a business. I have been both people and I get it but I’m telling you now that nothing ever came my way when I was B!

Lets take some action and get excited for 2017 and what opportunity it has in store for you all.

Right, are you ready to take full responsibility for where you are in your life and start getting to where you want to be? Bye bye blame, hello happiness.



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New Fashion Stylist Course Launches

Due to popular demand I am soooo excited to be launching my brand new Fashion Styling course this November at the Casey Paul Styling Academy. Places are extremely limited as the visit to the PR company and the Photoshoot can only hold a small number of students. Email for further info and to get started on your exciting new profitable career.

Fashion Styling Course

Fashion Styling Course

Train to become a Personal Stylist

Train to become a Personal Stylist this July on a three day intensive course. The Casey Paul Styling Academy training takes place in the luxurious Fashion Lounge at Westfield White City.

Email: to book your space now!

Train to become a personal stylist

Train to become a Personal Stylist

The Casey Paul Styling training academy for April is taking place at Westfield White City Fashion Lounge.

A two day course without the practical day is also available for £300.

Email: for further info and bookings