What tomorrow are you creating from your actions today?

So it has been a while since I last blogged and to be honest I have been so focused on my main goal I set at the beginning of this year which was to create an online training programme for my Personal Styling ‘Supreme Stylist’ Academy which is sooooo nearly finished and grow my live academy that I have neglected my blogging.

I am so grateful that the live academy which I hold in London has been such a success and I have seen hundreds of amazing students come through the academy, many of which I am in regular contact with and I can now call friends. Watching their growth is something so rewarding and it’s exciting watching the Supreme Stylist community grow and it really never feels like work as I enjoy it so much. I also got into a new relationship a year ago and this has also been a focus for me alongside business, I wanted to be the best partner I could be. You are probably sat there reading thinking this is all super positive stuff isn’t it so what’s the problem here?

I got to a point where I realised I was totally forgetting to look after myself and take pride in my appearance and health. My partner and I travel a lot which has been an absolute blessing for me, however with being away so much for long periods it definitely becomes more difficult to have a routine and living out of a suitcase can make you have less respect for your clothes and appearance. I am such a foodie so will tend to just eat what I want when I want with no eating regime.

I attended a Tony Robbins ’Unleash the Power’ event in Los Angeles and this was a turning point for me. It made me realise how far away I was from where I wanted to be and that my standard for myself had massively slipped. How can I expect my standards to be high for everyone else around me if my standard for myself was so low. Don’t get me wrong, my standard for working and growing my business was high but I needed more balance.

Here are some of the things that I was noticing over the past year:

  • My energy levels were really inconsistent – massive highs then followed by literally low energy to the point I was falling asleep in the day. Honestly, no joke- my boyfriend even put a picture up of me asleep in the car the first time he took me to Miami to show me the sights. I realised this was a regular occurrence for me.
  • I would get quite a lot of pangs of anxiety out of nowhere which were getting more frequent and they would come for no reason and when they did come I would struggle to be around people.
  • Another thing I noticed was that my skin was a lot worse than it had ever been and I kept getting spotty outbreaks and it just looked dull and tired all the time.
  • Cellulite was the next thing that I was noticing had made an appearance – ladies you can hear me on this right? It gets to an age where it’s harder to keep the body toned and your body feels looser and more lumpy.
  • I always felt achy and lethargic
  • I also had a niggling little mole by my chin that I noticed was getting bigger in the sun and when on camera filming my personal styling courses I kept noticing it and didn’t like it.  Another thing I noticed when on camera was that my teeth were really over crowded and this was something that put me off being filmed. I have had braces twice over in my life but the stubborn teeth keep wanting to move back.

So what did I do? I certainly wasn’t going to be that person that preaches to my students to take responsibility, give up the excuses and blame then not do that myself. I needed to eat my own pie! I didn’t want to look back in 5 years time burnt out, anxious and not feeling confident that I had looked after my body.


The first thing I did was cut out caffeine and so far I haven’t had any caffeine for 3 months and I have hugely noticed my anxiety levels drop and I am not getting the massive highs and lows I was getting during the day after drinking lattes. I also cut out all alcohol at the same time as the caffeine. I have never been a drinker so this was pretty easy for me.

The next thing I did was hire a personal trainer / nutrition coach who has opened my eyes to quite how bad my diet was. I love white bread, cakes, biscuits, pasta, potatoes, cheese – not the healthy stuff. Also it made me realise how I would feast then famine a lot especially when travelling and this was a huge reason for my energy levels being so inconsistent. I thought that going to the gym and eating salads was the answer but it’s not! I now have a proper eating regime which yes takes more planning and eating more consistently but is so much more healthy. My training in the gym to a proper workout not just guess work showed me just how bad my posture and mobility is so I am working on that now before lifting heavy weights. I realise there is no quick fix for this.

I then worked on my skin and started a regime which I now follow daily. I used to skip moisturiser on my face and never used an eye cream. I basically had no care for my skin at all- terrible I know. I have now started using a Dermalogica kit and my skin feels the best it has in a long time! I now cleanse, tone, moisturise and use an eye cream then scrub four times a week. As for the legs and my cellulite I have started to body brush every day without fail using upward strokes on my legs and bum, I also feel like the cutting out caffeine and alcohol helps with cellulite so we’ll see.

Lets get to the mole, it had to go… bye bye moley! I booked into Shades clinic and got it removed by probably one of the nicest ladies I have met in long time, so nice I was trying to find another one just so she could remove it (ok so that was a joke but seriously, it goes to show how people buy people and I liked her so much if she had offered me some products I would have bought them!). It was a very quick easy process and now I wonder why I left it so long. In fact the clinic staff were all so nice and went the extra mile with customer service that I am getting my teeth straightened with invisalign too at the same place this summer.

Lastly, I discovered the ‘angel juicer’ and it has changed my morning routine for the best! I now wake up and the first thing I do instead of grabbing a tea is go and make a vegetable cold pressed juice to start my day right and it sets me up with the right fuel early on in the day. Surprisingly it is really yummy too. I can give the ingredients I use if anyone wants to try it.

All in all I think you can see that I have taken lots of positive action the past few months for the best. Instead of wishing things were different and dreaming of having more energy or a body I didn’t want to hide, I have changed my habits and become disciplined. I have applied the same discipline to my health and body as I was doing career wise. I now have simple disciplines practiced every day, and it was easy once I turned my shoulds into musts and I have realised its easy to have balance if you are more organised. The reasons I gave at the beginning were just excuses- the reality was that I was just being lazy and neglectful.

I invite you to think about where you are not showing yourself enough love and to take action. It is not going to be a quick process for things like gaining muscle and getting rid of cellulite but making changes and changing your daily habits will get you on the right path.

It is exactly the same thing I tell my students: take responsibility, take action. If you’re not happy with your relationship, seek out some help, read some relationship articles and books and try to change the way you are first before making rash decisions and blaming your partner. If you’re unhappy in a career, start thinking of other careers, try to figure out what your passions are and see if you could make a career out of them. If you’re anything like I was before I was a Personal Stylist working in the law firm you will know what I mean when I say being successful but un fulfilled in a career is the ultimate failure and feels crap. Making people feel amazing about themselves through teaching them new ways of dressing as a Personal Stylist truly is a dream career so if this is something you are interested in then hit reply with any questions you have. If you are unhappy with your body, hire a personal trainer, go online, or buy a book to help you get a nutrition and workout programme together. There really are no excuses.

What actions are you going to take today to make a better tomorrow for yourself?


Are you living in your own prison?

Have you heard the quote by Robert Allen the co author of ‘The one minute millionaire’ – Everything you want is just outside your comfort zone?

Let’s think about your comfort zone as a prison you live in- a self created prison you are trapped in. It consists of the collection of unfounded beliefs formed from negative thoughts and decisions you have accumulated and reinforced during your lifetime. You are trapped by the cant’s and limiting beliefs.

I love the example that Jack Canfield gives about a baby elephant that is trained at birth to be confined to a small space. It’s trainer ties its legs with a rope to a wooden post which confines the elephant to an area defined by the length of the rope. The baby elephant tries to break the rope but isn’t strong enough and so it learns that it is confined to stay in that area. When the elephant grows up and could easily break the rope it doesn’t even try because it has learnt as a baby that it couldn’t break the rope – it is stuck in its comfort zone. Remember as a child being told no, don’t and you can’t? These beliefs stay in your head. Imagine your rope is all your limiting beliefs keeping you stuck where you are.

Your comfort zone works like a thermostat in your home. When the temperature approaches the edge of the thermal range you have set, the signals respond and keep the temperature in the desired range. Imagine you have an internal psychological thermostat that regulates your level of performance in the world. To avoid any discomfort you are unconsciously pulling yourself back into your comfort zone when your behaviour or performance begins to reach the edge of your zone when you start to feel uneasy and stretched. Let me give you some examples:

  • It’s frustrating when you don’t see immediate results and clients coming in after promoting your services so it’s easier to keep your beliefs limited to thinking you can’t do it and weren’t meant to be a Personal Stylist.
  • Your friend tells you that you won’t succeed and lists off all the competition in your area which is making you feel uneasy so you stay in your comfort zone of agreeing and finding all the reasons it will fail because that way you are safe and you can’t feel rejected.
  • You struggle with the tech side of having a business and get easily frustrated with your computer so it’s easier just to not learn the tech stuff, avoid frustration and feeling like a failure if you never get to grips with the tech.


In every single situation it is just your silly limiting beliefs keeping you stuck. I have been in every single one of those scenarios but have stuck by my affirmations and told my negative thoughts where to go! … And guess what? The clients don’t come in straight away but in time they will be flowing frequently if you put the work in. There is competition but no one is YOU and you are unique and there is room for all of us. Do Starbucks stop selling coffee because Costa, Nero and Pret sell coffee? – NO! As for the tech side, I have spent many days punching the screen, screaming and shouting but my persistence and belief I could learn it have paid off – and now believe it or not, I actually am starting to enjoy the tech side. Have a think about your limiting beliefs and what you tell yourself to be true. Whether you think you can or you can’t, you are right.

One way you can change your comfort zone is to use affirmations and positive self talk to affirm already having what you want, doing what you want and being the way you want. You are never stuck, you just keep re-creating the same experience over and over by thinking the same thoughts, maintaining the same beliefs, speaking the same words and doing the same things. I want you to bombard your subconscious mind with new thoughts and images. If you want things you have never had you need to start thinking and acting differently.

You may be wondering what an affirmation is.  An affirmation is a statement that describes a goal in it’s already completed state.

I have learnt that the most effective way to construct affirmations are by using these guidelines:

  • Start with the words I am so it is a command
  • Use the present tense so you feel it is already accomplished
  • State in the positive by affirming what you want not what you don’t want
  • Keep it brief so you can remember it clearly
  • Make it specific
  • Include an action word ending with -ing so it evokes the image of you doing it now
  • Include at least one dynamic emotion or feeling word
  • Make affirmations for yourself not others
  • Add the words ‘ or something better’

Here is an example :  ‘I am enjoying my dream career earning money as a Personal Stylist doing Personal Shopping trips and Wardrobe Detoxes with my ideal clients or something better’. You can write affirmations on a piece of paper and keep these in your purse, write them on sticky notes or on your phone – whatever works for you.

Here are the ways you can use the affirmations:

  • Review them one to three times a day. Try morning, lunchtime and bedtime.
  • If appropriate read them out loud
  • Close your eyes and visualise yourself as the affirmation describes
  • Hear any sounds you might hear when you successfully achieve what your affirmation describes
  • Feel the feelings you will feel when you achieve that success

Let’s say goodbye to those limiting beliefs and start creating some new ones. What reality are you creating for yourself? Are you the fully grown elephant still thinking she’s a baby that can’t break the rope? Stop trapping yourself in your own prison, it is all just a mindset shift and if you start to follow these steps you will start to see huge rewards.



Getting To Your Goals


Experts in the science of success know the brain is a goal seeking organism. Whatever goal you give your subconscious mind, it will work night and day to achieve.

Research conducted in America shows that the small percentage of Americans who write down their goals and review them regularly , earn more than 9 times over the course of their lifetime, than those who don’t set goals. This study alone should motivate you to write down your goals, it definitely did me!

To make sure a goal unleashes the power of your subconscious mind , it must meet two criteria:

  1. How much
  2. By when

It must be measurable. Be as specific as possible with all aspects of your goals with details. When there are no criteria for measurement, it is just something you want or desire. To engage your subconscious mind, a goal has to be measurable. Here are some examples:

Good Idea


I would like to gain Personal Styling clients

I have 20 new clients by March 6th 2017

I want to be earning more money from Personal Styling

I earn £2000 a month from styling by June 6th 2017

I want to quit my office job and become a Personal Stylist

I work as a Personal Stylist full time by August 6th 2017

When you write your goals down , your subconscious mind will know what to work on. It will know which opportunities to home in on to help you reach your goal. Take note that it’s not enough to simply write them down and expect them to be wished into existence.

  •  You will need to review your goals 2 or 3 times every day
  • Take time to read the goals out loud
  • Picture the goals as if you have already accomplished them
  • Take time to feel how it would feel if you had already accomplished each goalFollowing this daily discipline of success will activate the power of your desire. It increases what psychologists called ‘structural tension’ in your brain. Your brain wants to close the gap between your current reality and and the vision of your goal. By constantly repeating and visualising your goals as already achieved, you will be increasing this structural tension.

Carry your most important goal in your wallet so you are constantly reminded every time you open your wallet. Another idea is to write yourself a cheque and date it. I have read so many stories of people who have done this for example actor Jim Carrey did this when he was a struggling actor and it works!

Please note that to achieve a big goal you are going to have to become a bigger person. You must develop new skills, new attitudes and new capabilities. Keep doing what you have always done and you will keep getting what you have always got.

Breaking down a large goal into smaller tasks and accomplishing them one at a time is how big goals get achieved.

A great technique for creating an action plan for your goals is called mind mapping. It is a simple but powerful process for creating a detailed to do list for achieving your goal. Follow these steps to create a mind map:


Centre circle : with the name of your main goal

Outside circles: divide the goal into major categories of tasks you will need to accomplish to reach your goal

Spokes: draw spokes radiating outward from each mini circle and label each one.

On a seperate line connected to the main circle, write every step you will need to take. Break down each of the more detailed task spokes with action items to help you create your master to do list.


Here is an example of how a mind map looks from Jack Canfields success principles book:

FullSizeRender 14








Once you have created a mind map for your goal, convert all the to do items into daily action items by writing them into a to do list and committing to a deadline for each.

No excuses now you have an actionable guide to goal setting. Now all you need to do is figure out what that goal will be!

If you have any further questions or want some extra book recommendations feel free to email me on casey@caseypaulstyling.co.uk


5 Tips To Beat Procrastination

You wake up, you have a goal, a dream, a vision in your mind with the intention of working on your tasks for the day to get you closer to this goal. At 9.30am just as you sit down to do some work your phone rings, it’s your friend wanting a chat, meanwhile you’re in a group chat and your friends are messaging you about the weekend plans. By 11am the little voice in your head is starting to shout negativity at you and giving you a whole list of reasons you won’t reach your goals. At 12pm you’re browsing social media and generally drifting and you see someone in your field posting about their success which makes your self doubt increase to new levels. By 1pm you’re beating yourself up about having done nothing productive all day and really struggling to get into a flow as self doubt is at an all time high. You finally do a few emails then surf the internet distracted by all the online shopping adverts that keep popping up and then all of a sudden it’s 5pm you have done nothing towards your goal. Does this sound familiar? 

This is a typical day of procrastination.

Procrastination is the delaying or postponing something. It is the disconnect between intention and implementation. We all face it and it will severely hold you back if you don’t start to combat it.

I have put together my 5 top tips to help you beat procrastination and help you stay focused.

1. Start your day right

When you first wake up your mind is operating at 10.5 wave cycles per second that’s when the subconscious mind is most impressionable. Whatever you hear in the first 20 minutes when you wake up will affect the spirit of your day. Use this 20 minute window effectively, it is your armour for the day! I suggest getting up 20 minutes earlier everyday just to get yourself set up with intention for the day ahead. Write down your gratitude list for around 5 minutes- I suggest 10 things in life you are grateful for starting with the words ‘ Thank you’ – start thinking abundantly. Try some guided meditation on motivation and confidence for 5 minutes. Use the last 10 minutes to listen to a motivational audio ( I can recommend some of my favourite speakers at the end ). If you don’t want to sit in bed and do this part then I do this part after my shower while getting dressed and doing my makeup etc. Make this a daily habit. I have started to get to the gym early before I start working and it really feels great and helps motivate me for the rest of the day, so if this is possible for you too then I couldn’t recommend it any more.

2. Write down your tasks in the morning

After you are dressed and ready before you start messaging your friends, checking social media and generally drifting, write a list of tasks you need to get done in the day to take you closer to your end goal and set a time frame for each. I like to actually physically write mine on paper as a list so I don’t get distracted by my phone as I refer back to it and cross things off. I also love having a physical list as I get satisfaction from crossing things off when they are complete. This list will keep you focused on your main priorities for the day and stops overwhelm as you have clear tasks not a million and one things going on. It stops me from doing things that aren’t getting me closer to my end goals. I also recommend turning off all your notifications for social media and messages so you can REALLY focus on what you are doing without distraction. I have no notifications on my phone anymore so I choose when I want to check things rather than keep getting distracted.

3. Don’t be a perfectionist

Too much time can be spent on trying to get things perfect and this is a big error. Don’t waste time faffing on the small things, just get it out there- get sh**t done! You can always improve things next time and practice will make perfect over time. I see students spending so many weeks trying to figure out a logo and a name that they don’t get started and meanwhile other students are just getting started and actually focusing on adding value and doing their job well. I’m not saying don’t take pride in what you do but I am saying that getting yourself out there is better than trying to get it perfect and wasting time.

4. Stop worrying about how and start thinking where

When you have a big goal it is often daunting when you start thinking ‘how am I going to get there?’. Stop thinking about how and just focus on where you want to be as once you know where you want to be your brain will start figuring out the how and signs and opportunities will keep showing up along the way to guide you. Your reticular activating system in your brain will filter through the necessary things that you need to notice that will get you closer to your goal. Instead of seeing it as impossible, start believing it is totally possible and start to focus on taking consistent action and doing tasks to get you closer to your goal. Watch what happens. Create a vision board for where you want to be and refer back to it daily – keep that vision strong! Throughout the day when you think of ideas and inspiration, just write them down and come back to them after your tasks. I often find before bed I get an influx of inspo so I write it all down. 

5. Love yourself

Look at the relationship you have with yourself and start to realise you are special, you are enough, you are unique. I love the Les Brown quote – If there is no enemy within, the enemy outside can do us no harm. A lot of procrastination comes from not feeling good enough and negative self talk which stops you taking action. Stop comparing yourself and start realising that anything you want can be achieved if you believe it and take action. Don’t beat yourself up if you feel you failed at something – it’s feedback and all part of the growth journey. Try to write down positive affirmations for example ‘ I am a strong woman’, ‘I am a talented personal stylist’, ‘I have so much value to add to society’, ‘ I am successful’. Refer to them regularly throughout the day. Love yourself enough to surround yourself with positivity and say no to negative relationships which will hold you back.

If you have any questions or want some further tips on procrastination feel free to email me HERE: casey@caseypaulstyling.co.uk

Recommended motivational speakers you can find on YouTube : Les Brown, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield

– Casey Paul

Why we break New Years Resolutions within 2 weeks

New year, New me we all say. We all know the feeling when it gets to the start of a new year and we ponder over all our regrets from the previous year then beat ourselves up about all the bad decisions we made and opportunities we didn’t take then think of heaps of things we are going to do differently this year to reach these new goals to better our lives. Then by February we have given up, familiar story right? 

Would you believe me if I told you that only 8% of people who make New Years Resolutions actually succeed in achieving them? That’s a 92% failure rate according to Jack Canfields research and as early as January 15th these people have already broken their resolutions. People try to do too much too soon, get overwhelmed with obstacles and burn out. 

So what is the key to creating new years resolutions and setting goals instead of just a wish list? Here are 3 things you will need to create commitment and lasting change:

1. A COMPELLING EXCITING VISION for what it is that you really badly want not just half heartedly want. The passion will pull you forward towards what it is you want if this vision excites you. 

2. STRONG ENOUGH REASONS which will make you follow through when the going gets tough. You will face considerations, fears and roadblocks when you set a goal so you will need a strong enough reason to keep you going so you don’t give up when the going gets tough. 

3. REGULAR DAILY REVIEWS OF YOUR GOALS. You will need to remind yourself of these goals every day. You will really need to feel these goals, feel as if you would if you had already achieved them. Write them down and believe they are achievable. Try writing your top goal in your purse and reading it every time you open it as if it was already achieved with what you want by when.

Get out a pen and paper and write down:

  • What it is that you badly want? Make sure you are passionate about it enough to want to get out of bed every morning excited about working on these goals
  • Your reason for wanting to reach these goals. How will you feel when you reach each one and why is it important to you?
  • Your goal/ goals and the date you want to have achieved them by as if they are already achieved. For example by March 10th I am sitting in a coffee shop drinking a soy caramel latte feeling proud that I have set up my new business website and have 5 new clients. Be as specific as you can.

All of your future goals and dreams are not only a reflection of your subconscious thinking, they are also mediated by your Reticular Activating System (RAS). I watched a video about the RAS last year and have become so fascinated by it and how it helps with goal setting. The RAS is the part of your brain that serves as a filter between your conscious mind and your subconscious mind. The RAS, which is located in the core of your brain stem, takes instructions from your conscious mind, and passes them on to your subconscious mind. The brain has to take in so much and the RAS acts as the filter to let us know what is important and what we should pay attention to. Because of this biological function, whatever you are thinking about or focusing upon will seep down into your subconscious mind only to reappear at a future time. Have you ever decided that you wanted a certain handbag, and then suddenly all you see is this handbag everywhere? That is how the RAS works so be super careful about what you focus on and ensure it is positive not negative. Make your vision as vivid as possible and the brain will act to get you to your goals by showing you what is important.

While I am such a strong believer in goal setting, I also want to stress that reaching a specific goal will not make you happy. Happiness will come from growth and progress so enjoy the journey and don’t get disheartened when you look at your goal and you aren’t there yet.

It is also important to note that you can’t just look at your goal and wish it into existence! A goal without a plan is just a wish. You will need a list of daily, weekly and monthly tasks to get you closer to your goal – a plan. I have goals but I focus on systems and processes to get to my goals. For example I am a Personal Stylist with a training academy so a goal of mine is to grow my academy and have a whole online training programme by the summer. I never feel unhappy that I am not there yet, I am excited by the clear vision and I focus on my commitment to daily practices which will get me there.

I invite you to try this out and share with your friends so you can remind and encourage each other! Enjoy your goal setting and enjoy the journey of your own personal growth.


For any queries feel free to reach out to me at casey@caseypaulstyling.co.uk

5 Reasons To Practice Positivity

It’s definitely not easy to always think positively and keep control of your thoughts and emotions at challenging times in life. Some situations can only be seen as negative but it is important to try to learn from every situation and try to see a positive future moving forward. I have read so much over the years on the power of positivity and it is immense how having a positive mindset rather than a negative will have huge effects on our lives. Here I have put together my 5 main reasons to try and practice positive thinking in 2017.

  1. HEALTH – Your mind can perform an estimated ten quadrillion operations per second without you even knowing it. Your subconscious mind is the power house to who you are but it can’t distinguish between a real event and something you merely think about. Think about when you wake up from a nightmare you have all the physical feelings you would if the nightmare was real life. Medical experiments have shown placebo effects time after time as the brain thinks the body is healed. The opposite to this is the nocebo effect where people are hypochondriacs and can actually cause their own illness. Negative thoughts e.g. the thoughts a hypochondriac would hold will cause the biochemistry in the brain to change and release the stress hormone cortisol into the blood which weakens the immune system. Exactly the same can be said of any negative thoughts you hold and words you speak eg bitchy and bitter resentful thoughts which will affect the release of cortisol. Start to become aware of the thoughts and words you are using and how they make your body feel.
  2. RELATIONSHIPS – You will attract better relationships into your life and keep hold of ones worth keeping if you are more positive. Who wants to be around someone who moans and whinges all the time and speaks only of lack rather than abundance. If you start seeing the positive in relationships and friendships and show gratitude and love, chances are they will blossom. Remember the mind can’t distinguish between a real event and something you think about so be careful where you let your mind wander as you may start believing, feeling and acting like your partner is a cheating lying arsehole when they’re not, and you acting like they are is a recipe for disaster.
  3. SUCCESS – When you think positively you will start to focus on solutions rather than dwelling on problems. You will become more productive and start to use your time wisely. Negative people will find all the reasons it won’t work and successful people will find all the reasons it will work. Successful people will not see failure when things don’t go to plan they will see it as feedback and keep focusing on their goals.
  4. ABUNDANCE – Change the way you look at the world and the world you look at changes. If you start to practice gratitude and think positively you will start to see so much abundance in your life. There is so much to be grateful for if you just start to notice the good and not moan about what doesn’t seem to be going your way. 
  5. LAW OF ATTRACTION – A positive mind will attract positive events. Every thought you hold has a vibration and you will attract things on the same frequency. Positive visualisation and affirmations are great to raise your vibration and change your state. The law of attraction states that like attracts like so get control of those thoughts and replace negativity with positivity. 

I really love this quote I read recently:

Watch your thoughts, they become words.
Watch your words, they become actions.
Watch your actions, they become habits.
Watch your habits, they become your character.
Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.

Look at the picture below on the right and see how the negativity makes your body feel. Then look at the red on the left and notice the difference when you see only positivity.

Happy Thinking!


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The best love story you ever heard

I want you to really think about the relationship you have with yourself and be totally honest. Do you love yourself? Let me take it one step back, do you even like yourself? If you could watch yourself in a movie what would you think of the person you see? Do you have self respect? Do you know what you want out of life?

I am not asking you to walk around on your high horse thinking you are better than everyone else, because trust me that way of thinking won’t work either – there will always be someone else ‘better’ in your eyes in a different way. I want you to stop comparing, believe you are unique, you are special, you are gifted in your own way. Recognise your greatness believe you deserve what you want and be the most supreme version of yourself.

Why am I asking you to think about this? Because the relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship you have. Everyone has heard the phrase ‘You have to love yourself before anyone else will’ and this is so true. When you can get to a place of self love, you will start to attract the people you deserve to have in your life like magic. Learn to love yourself first, instead of loving the idea of other people loving you.

I have put together my 10 ways to practice self love. Try it and watch your world change for the better.

  1. Every morning write down a gratitude list.  If you can’t be grateful for what you already have then chances are that you won’t get more. You will always see and feel a lack if your mind focuses on what you don’t have rather than appreciating all the good. You could start your gratitude with ‘Thank you for’… or ‘I am truly grateful for’. What you focuses on expands so if all you focus on is negative then all you will get is negative. Focus on what you have to be grateful for and more will appear.
  2. Do something for someone else. As Tony Robbins says ‘The secret to living is giving’. Do a good deed for someone else or reach out and tell someone how much they mean to you. Bake a cake, cook a nice meal for someone. Don’t under estimate how good it will make you feel to give love and watch it come back to you.
  3. Pamper yourself. Give yourself some body love. Go to a spa for a facial or a relaxing massage. If you don’t have the funds to do this then a DIY job at home will do the trick. Run yourself a long relaxing bath with candles and give yourself a body scrub then nourish your body with a moisturiser. This before bed should make you sleep so much better. I love listening to an audio in the bath surrounded by candles, then jumping into freshly washed sheets. It’s such a little thing but still one of my all time favourite things.
  4. Know what your desires and goals are in life and ensure every decision you make is in alignment with your values and moves you closer to your goals. Who do you want to be? Don’t do things just to please other people, do what is good for you keeping your goals in mind always. Remember that it is your responsibility to make yourself happy so love yourself enough to say no things that aren’t good for you and won’t serve you. You will only resent decisions you make based on what others want not what you truly want.
  5. Feed your body with goodness. I don’t mean you have to go on a strict eating regime and cut out all the foods you love, just create an awareness around what you are feeding your body. You will think clearer and have more energy and feel fresher when you fill yourself with nutrient rich food and drink. Try a fresh green juice to start the day instead of your coffee. Keep the food you love that might not be so good for you as a treat. Another thing that I really notice is how much dehydration affects my moods so try to drink plenty of water.
  6. Surround yourself with positivity. You become a product of your environment so make sure your environment is energy rich. Love yourself enough to say no to people who are always moaning, bitching and speaking negatively. As you love and respect yourself more you will start to only want to spend your time with people who lift you up.
  7. Clean out your house and detox your wardrobe. There is nothing more therapeutic than cleaning and making things look fresh, show your home and wardrobe some love and respect. Light some beautiful scented candles and put on some music you love while you do it! A tidy environment makes for a tidy mind and you will love your clothes more if you can find them properly and everything in your wardrobe is something you wear rather than clutter.
  8. Take care of your body. If you don’t enjoy exercise then even a walk outdoors will make you feel energised. One of my all time favourite things to do is an hour long walk outdoors with beautiful scenery. You can collect your thoughts and get your body moving. Yoga is a great way to start the day and you can download videos to watch and learn if you can’t get to a class.
  9. Let go of your negative self talk and start making positive affirmations. Nothing in life is failure, it’s feedback so let go of the past, let go of all the things you wish you had done differently and start your new journey of self love today. Don’t compare yourself to others, just focus on making yourself the best version of you. Leave all your negative self talk behind you and start believing  you can reach your goals.
  10. Keep growing and learning. Nothing great will happen in your comfort zone so push those boundaries and stretch yourself – you will feel so accomplished! Read books, learn new recipes, visit new places. Be curious, feed your mind. The more you grow the more you will have to offer the world and others.

Today is the first day of the rest of your life… start loving yourself and it will be the best love story you ever witnessed.


Are you a Disney Princess?

Are you a Disney Princess?

What do all Disney Princesses have in common? They wear pretty dresses, have an incredible hourglass body shape and big eyes. 

Nope, not anymore! From a Personal Stylist point of view it is encouraging to see Disney are evolving with the times with their latest movie characters body shape. In their new release Moana has an athletic physique, not your usual curvaceous unrealistic body shape. Moana is supposed to be the same age as Ariel and Jasmine, but their body shapes couldn’t be more different.

Reading this, you probably think I’m going somewhere with the body shape angle right? Let me tell you, this is not a styling blog. We have just seen proof with Moana that Disney Princesses come in all shapes and sizes so we can all look like one. So what is it I am getting at? What is the ONE attribute they all have?

This is a mindset blog. They all dream big, they believe. The Disney song ‘If you can dream’ is  sung from the Disney Princess point of view of the first 8 official Disney Princesses. Originally in all the Disney movies the Princesses missions were to find their Prince Charming, however in the latest Moana Disney movie the Princess Moana doesn’t have a love interest at all, a refreshing update on the typical Disney princess. Her mission is to save her people and the world. 

Do you believe? Really believe and dream big, not letting anything or anyone stand in your way so you can reach your goals, achieve your mission like Moana?

Are you determined to make your ideas work for you? Or are you searching for reasons why these ideas won’t succeed instead of figuring out a way to make something good happen?

The biggest difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones is that the successful ones are determined to reach their goals rather than playing the role of the victim and searching for reasons why a situation won’t work. I was always believing I could succeed in my goals, even when other stylists had been out there longer, with higher profile clients. Don’t get me wrong, I had moments of doubt, I still do, but my dreams always outweigh my fear in the mind battle.

Two quotes I love to illustrate this are: ‘Whether you think you can or can’t you are right’ – Henry Ford and ‘What ever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve – Napoleon Hill author of Think and Grow Rich.

Do you expect to fail or succeed? You get what you expect. Scientific studies show that we respond to what the brain expects to happen. I will leave you with this fact to get you thinking. Medical researchers in Texas did operations on two groups of patients, only one group was given the surgery and the other a pretend surgery. Two years later both groups of patients reported equal pain relief. The brain expected improvement and this is an example of a placebo effect.

As I explained in last weeks blog, decide what you want and believe it, the brain will do the figuring out how. It is not what you don’t know that holds you back; It’s what you do know that isn’t true. Lets be more Disney Princess, Dream big and Believe.