Dominican DEA Retreat

We flew to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic  from Miami for my boyfriends Black DEA retreat and I loved Punta Cana so much more than I thought I would! I have been there before but this time I found the resort so much more beautiful – the beaches were probably the best I have ever seen – turquoise water and white sand, literally dream beaches.

We stayed at the Paradisus Melia hotel which was huge and had pretty flamingos in the reception area! I attended seminars and learnt lots of things I will put into action in my own Personal Styling business and met some amazing new people. I’m obviously biased but I am super proud of what he has created with his company and it is so inspiring being around his team and watching their growth and vision.

We learnt to make coffee, mamajuana and chocolate which was a super fun day out and seeing the way people live outside of the resort was a real eye opener. I literally wanted to take one of the children home with me that we saw begging for money with his sister – this really makes you realise how fortunate we are and not to take the little things for granted.

My favourite day was the catamaran trip – although the night I can’t say I remember too well as we had one too many rums in the day. I am having a few months away from alcohol as I want to try and keep my body as toxin free as possible.

We flew back to Miami for some more time which still is my new favourite place. I saw dolphins on our boat trip around star island and get just as excited every time! Next stop is San Diego for the Traffic and Conversion Summit- more learning which I LOVE.


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Welcome to Miami

It was my first time in Miami and I had my reservations to begin with as I have spent a lot of time on the West Coast in LA and didn’t know if it would compare. I was well and truly wowed! Although for me LA was a great place for opportunity as a Personal Stylist having gained some invaluable experience there, Miami was just so much more my ideal place.

We stayed in Brickell the financial area outside of the chaotic South Beach which I absolutely loved. The vibe was just so so cool and nothing like I expected. The area is modern and clean and the residential apartment we stayed in was part of a W Hotel complex and was totally my style- white beds, white sofas, white spa area, white everywhere, rooftop pool and the gym had the best views overlooking the water you will ever see! There was far more of a spanish vibe than I expected but I really liked it and found the service worlds apart from the laid back ozzies. To be able to go downstairs to grab a green juice, walk around the water, work in a cafe on the water then into South Beach for a glamorous dinner is just a dream.

We went to watch a Miami Heats game on the first night and I was that excited child jumping around with her souvenir cap and vest. It was my first Valentines Day with my boyfriend the next day so it was perfect to spend it in Miami over a french martini and filet mignon.

We went on a road trip to Port Lucie in a Lamborghini which was exciting for me, although my boyfriend will probably say I’m a bore as I scream every time he starts to push the pedal to the metal. We stopped at an absolutely beautiful hotel called the Breakers Palm beach and I highly recommend the seafood restaurant overlooking the water. I saw my first ever wild snake at the house we were staying at but unfortunately didn’t get any pictures in time before he disappeared.

The best part for me was the jet skiing on the last day followed by Sushi Samba.

If you’re planning a trip to Miami expect lots of sunshine, beautiful people, big smiles, to be chased up the road from a restaurant if you forget to tip ( yes this happened ) and maybe some random chickens on the side of the street as you are walking for lunch.

Next Stop is the Dominican Republic for my boyfriends company Black Retreat so I will fill you in soon.





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Home Sweet Home

I Returned back to the UK from China and was mega excited to have a belated Christmas roast with the family. I was also absolutely buzzing to get back to do some Supreme Stylist Personal Styling courses for the Casey Paul Styling Academy and see the members of the academy for a members event. I did three courses in January, two Personal Styling and one Fashion Styling Course and met some incredible new women so am excited to watch their progress and help guide them with their careers.

It has been a jam packed trip and a highlight for me was a trip to Chewton Glen in the New Forest where we stayed in a treehouse. It was such a nice peaceful escape from hectic London and we visited Corfe Castle while there to do some sight seeing. Afternoon tea at Chewton Glen was yummy but didn’t blow me away, however I highly recommend a visit to The Pig pub where they served a really tasty Sunday roast and have some cute little pigs to see outside.

Before off on my travels again I got my hair extensions done as I was bored of short locks. I went to Vivid Salon in Northampton and got them done by the owner Hannah who was brilliant and looked after me so well. They use Beauty Works extensions which feel nice and shiny so far and hopefully I can experiment with some styles… if I’m not too lazy.

We went into London last weekend to stay at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch. It is a really cool hotel with an awesome vibe, I loved the fact they have record players in the room and the attention to detail is amazing , just don’t go if you expect much sleep as it’s noisy! We had one of the best burgers ever at nearby Hache. The mustard and honey sauce recipe I will try to recreate for myself as it was so much better than ketchup! After a burger and mojito at Hache we went to watch 50 Shades Darker at the Everyman cinema. Watching a movie there is one of my favourite things to do as it is so comfortable- It was a perfect little date night and I definitely recommend watching the movie. Don’t go expecting too much raunch as I thought it was quite tame compared to what I expected.

Miami is my next spot for a while… Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, Miami, uh, uh. Ok I’m not Will Smith so I’ll stop there haha.

My next Personal Styling course when I return is 3-5th April at the luxury Fashion Lounge in Westfield for any aspiring Personal Stylists.

Until next time, bye bye!

– Casey Paul



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Shanghai was the final stop before flying back to the UK. I’ve been to Hong Kong many times so felt like it would be similar and I did feel it was similar, however the language barrier was more obvious to me in Shanghai, and the driving – just make sure you are prepared for a bumpy ride!

We Stayed at the Mandarin Oriental which was faultless, so much so that I didn’t want to venture out. The service was impeccable. Me and my boyfriend were joking that if you sneezed they would probably bring you a tissue… and what happened? I sneezed and the staff brought me not just one but a plate of tissues!

We had dinner on the Bund at Mercado, an Italian which was amazing. I recommend the cheese and truffle pizza but be sure to go hungry as it’s so filling! The views of the bund from there were definitely worth a visit and I found the malls really cool with such creative shop window displays and cute coffee shops.

Back to the UK for some family time and my styling academy training days which I am so excited for. So, that’s the end of my festive adventures, a very different Christmas and New Year for me away from the UK.  What amazing memories and experiences I will cherish forever.



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Seeing in the New Year Sydney Style

I arrived in Sydney as a slightly angry human as I turned my phone off on a one hour flight then couldn’t get it switched on again – Apple Store fixed it but you can imagine the initial frustration!

Seeing in 2017 in true style in Sydney was a crazy experience. I’ve always seen it on tv and in real life it’s just immense. I love fireworks anyway, I get excited like a big kid but these were just a different level! Trying to get the boat across to where we were watching them was an absolute mission through the crowds but definitely worth it and glad I didn’t wear heels!

We went to see Disneys Aladdin which was my Sydney highlight- I used to watch it over and over as a child and one of my fave songs ‘A whole new world’ gave me goosebumps. The sets literally blow you away with all the colours  – I could definitely watch this one again and recommend it as a must see production. I was excited to wear my new gold Louboutin high tops which Santa got me and they have now hit no1 on my go to shoes for a while.

We stayed at the Four Seasons for the first part of the trip then headed to Watsons Bay which is the cutest little place. I’ve really got into eating avocado toast lately which I pretty much had every day in Sydney and a juice press.

On a beach trail where I was taking some blog pics I came across a nudest beach which entertained me for a minute- this isn’t for me but the people on it seemed to be enjoying it! I’m so excited to start using my new Canon camera – a proper grown up camera now thanks to Santa.

I had the nicest reflexology experience in china town which surprisingly did decrease some body aches, so I will definitely be having that again. Talking of China my next stop is Shanghai so I’ll be posting about that next week!

Happy New Year!


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A Gold Coast Christmas

Wow just wow. I never thought Australia would be for me to be honest but the Gold Coast has pleasantly surprised me. I have had no true desire to visit until my partner had work here and we decided to do some exploring. We drove from Hervey Bay, and yep I slept the whole journey- this is pretty standard from me. I have been really pleasantly surprised about how beautiful some parts are and how much character there is. My favourite so far is where we stayed in the Surfers Paradise area on the waterway for Christmas. I love being on the water and spotted my dream house out here on the waterway, set back with some sand surrounded by palm trees- serious vision board material and great timing for me to start working on my goals for this year!

We hired a yacht on Christmas Eve and spent 5 hours out on the water which was so much fun- very different to my usual festivities. It was pouring with rain on Christmas Day so I cooked a roast instead of a bbq ( I was secretly happy as I loveeee a roasty). We saw dolphins swimming past the house which was just such a surreal amazing Christmas Day experience.

My highlights and things I recommend are:

  • Breakfast at the Grocer and Grind which was probably one of the best kale, avocado and egg brekkies I’ve ever had, with just a really cool vibe and super healthy options.
  • Lunch or Afternoon tea at the Crowne Plaza revolving restaurant with amazing panoramic views.
  • A romantic dinner on the Gondola.
  • For a drink it would be worth stopping at the Versace hotel which is where the ‘I’m a Celebrity get me out of here’ show contestants get to stay- this overlooks the water and is beautiful.
  • A shopping trip to Pacific Fair is worth it for a nice indoor and outdoor mall which has a really good mix of high street stores eg H+M and high end such as Louis Vuitton.
  • A trail walk at Burleigh Heads with incredible sea views when you get to the top of the trail. This is around a 25 minute walk.
  • A visit to the Q1 building which is the tallest building in Australia and 7th tallest residential building the world is worth it for the views, probably on a clear daytime would be the best in my opinion rather than the night when we went.

I still haven’t changed my mind about the service here in Australia- they are super laid back so don’t expect the best and be prepared to ask a few times for things you want as things are easily forgotten here.

Thanks so much for reading and the next blog post coming will be on Sydney.


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Fraser Island

We drove to Fraser Island from Brisbane which took around 4 hours, then we got a 45 minute boat ride across to Kingfisher Bay where our hotel was. I felt really chilled out at the worlds largest sand island, which to be honest you have to be as the service in Australia I have noticed is super laid back- so if you are planning a visit bring a bag of patience with you.

My fave new purchase was a crocodile hat which will be glued to me at all times when the sun is out. I really get extra irritated with a hot head so this did the trick! We did a segway trip along the beach with friends we went with which was so much fun and saw hundreds of what I thought were spiders but actually the cutest little crabs I have ever seen.

The trip to Lake Mckenzie was an absolute highlight for me, so beautiful and a must see for anyone travelling to the island. I badly wanted to see a dingo and we saw one at the lake which was way more friendly than I had expected. There are danger signs everywhere and the staff don’t allow you to feed them which is why they then get agressive because they’re so hungry which is really sad.

We are now spending some time in a house on the Gold Coast for Christmas so I will post some piccies on that next week.

Hotel: Kingfisher Bay resort



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Koalas and Kangaroos down under

We came to Brisbane from Hawaii for my boyfriends event and the first thing I noticed is that there are Flight Centres EVERYWHERE here! I mean how many do you need, it’s craaaaazyyyy, there is probably one every three minutes you walk. I thought everyone booked online these days?

We stayed at the Marriott hotel where he was holding his event which had some really nice views and a rooftop workspace where I did most of my work. The fish restaurant we went to called Jellyfish had French martinis which were probably a bit too nice but I still managed to get my bum out of bed and down to the Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary today. It wouldn’t feel right to come to Australia and not see the native animals. I had the best cuddles with the koalas, they’re so so cute, in fact I would love to kidnap one as a snuggle buddy when my boyfriend isn’t around. I was shocked at how close I could get to the kangaroos as they just roam around freely and are really calm and friendly until they need to pooh, now that’s a different story … I’ll leave that one there!

Tomorrow we are off to Fraser Island which I am too excited about. I will be posting up piccies soon. Thanks for reading.


Instagram: @caseypaul_styling

Hotel: Marriott

Restaurants: Jellyfish , Cook and Co



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Hawaii Dreaming

It was a blessing being able to work from such a beautiful location this week on a stop from New York to Australia. We stayed in Honolulu Hawaii for 4 nights at the Four Seasons which is just amazing. The avocado toast was delishhh and I can honestly say the iced soy caramel and coconut latte is the best I’ve ever had.

One of my all time dreams was to see wild dolphins and we did that while there. I didn’t expect to see so many but in one spot they were literally everywhere. Seeing them flipping up spinning in the air brought tears to my eyes – it was it was one of the best views I’ve ever seen!

I’ve started reading a book ‘The Power of Habit’ and will do a write up after, but so far it’s really interesting. There are definitely quite a lot of my own habits I need to change for next year!

Waking up doing Meditation and Yoga classes in front of the ocean is something I wish I could do every morning. I learnt Swami Satchidananda meditation and Hathaway yoga which I really want to try and keep up. For those of you who get anxiety like I do at times, the teacher taught me a great breathing exercise to combat anxiety which I filmed. Click here to view 

Hotel: Four Seasons Oahu at Ko Olina 

Airline: United

Flip Flops: Steve Madden

Vest: Forever 21

Trousers: Boutique



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